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Books that present the truth about contraception.

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With candor, excellent research, and a sense of humor, Jonathan Last dispels the overpopulation myth with the truth: nations across the globe are facing a population collapse.  Last covers many elements contributing to declining fertility rates,: government policies, secularism, cultural shifts, and much more. Learn what is happening to countries whose birthrates have collapsed and what can be done to prevent a population implosion.

This book shows that if you want to maximize your chances of marital fulfillment, you absolutely must avoid using contraception.

 Janet Smith has gathered together twenty-one outstanding essays and articles by well-respected thinkers to provide the demonstration that Pope Paul VI was not simply correct, but prophetic.
What To Expect When No One's Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster
Who's at the Centre of YOUR Marriage...The Pill or Jesus Christ?
Why Humanae Vitae Was Right
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50 women (and their husbands) whose lives have been enriched by the medical care, education, and research efforts of the Pope Raul VI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction
Women Healed
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