Children - The Supreme Blessing of Marriage

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Children are great. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter who the mother or the father is, no matter how they were conceived, a child is a gift from God, and an occasion for celebration. Children draw us into the mainstream of life and put us in solid contact with the things that matter: honesty, commitment, generosity, self-giving. These are the virtues that make human life healing and delightful. Learn more.

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The tremendous benefits that stable marriages provide for children, for society, and for the Church.

 The good consequences for couples using NFP.

Notes that woman’s true greatness lies in her ability to bring new life into the world
Why Marriage Matters to Children and to the Common Good
Why Use Natural Family Planning
Woman: God's Masterpiece (2 CD set)
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A Catholic perspective on how and why God makes babies. Ages 9 & up. It was given the Nihil Obstat from Msgr Brian Branford and the Imprimatur from Most Rev. Charles Chaput OFM, Cap
Wonderfully Made! Babies
Price: $9.00

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