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Dr. Kim Hardey, MD talk about contraception, love, and NFP Discover the five great loves of St. John Paul II through remarkable unpublished stories on him from bishops, priests, students, Swiss Guards, and others.
Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Risk, Breast Cancer Abortion and the Pill Booklet &amp; Pamphlets Valuable information about how the Pill and abortion cause breast cancer and how it can be prevented. <br /><span style="font-weight: bold;">This is an outstanding collection with a list value of $ 14.00!</span>
God's Instruction Book on Love and Sex (podcast)
Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves
Cancer Awareness Package
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The author, a family practice MD for many years, shares his broad experience and the results of his study on the effectiveness, for good or ill, of the many currently available treatments for sexual diseases and other sexual difficulties Ellen Gable's third novel, Stealing Jenny, creates a mystery with suspense. A catholic fiction on morals in action and family life.  It grasps the reader's interest and attention from the very beginning , moving at a swift pace from one scene to the next.

Practically speaking, widespread use of contraception has led directly to massive increases of divorce and abortion. Personal union and yearning for fertility are written physically into the structure of sexual relations, and shutting down one of these aspects hurts the whole relationship.There are practical, workable steps we can take to regain the overflowing life that God desires for us.
The Hidden Truth: Deception in Women's Health Care
Stealing Jenny
Why Contraception Matters Podcast
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All the motivation and practical tips parents need to do a great job teaching their teenagers about love and sexuality. Four physicians who do not prescribe hormonal birth control give medical reasons for this decision. How to find love that is Free, Faithful, Total, and Fruitful.
Parents Get Real....Talk to your Teen about love (Podcast)
Problems Associated with Hormonal Birth Control
True Love. . . How Will I Know? (Podcast)
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A Catholic wife and mother describes the wonderful outcomes when she switched from "picking and choosing" among the Church's teachings to wholehearted acceptance. She also gives practical pointers for helping other people in her situation. 

<iframe title="One More Soul's Podcast" allowtransparency="true" height="315" width="100%" style="border: none; min-width: min(100%, 430px);" scrolling="no" data-name="pb-iframe-player" src="https://www.podbean.com/player-v2/?i=a9i79-b6814a-pbblog-playlist&share=1&download=1&rtl=0&fonts=Arial&skin=1&order=episodic&limit=10&filter=all&ss=a713390a017602015775e868a2cf26b0&btn-skin=7&size=315" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Archbishop Naumann explains how what is called free love isn't real or free and certainly isn't love. Real love, however, is not only possible, but  is God's greatest desire for us! Revised and updated. How the Pill increases the risk of breast cancer, and effective strategies for prevention. Women who take contraceptive pills before their first full pregnancy are 44% more likely to develop breast cancer before menopause. This is a real eye opener for people who thought the Pill was harmless. Read it <P>To read the text of this document or to view the publication in a printable form,  <a href="http://onemoresoul.com/contraception-abortion/risks-consequences/breast-cancer-risk-from-the-pill-new-and-revised.html">Here</a>.
Reaching the Cafeteria Catholic (podcast)
Life Overflowing
The Pill and Breast Cancer
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Often lighthearted, always thought provoking lyrics describe the details of our modern lives and enkindle hope in new beginnings. Outstanding Nashville musicians cradle Marie's voice in a light mixture of bluegrass, jazz and folk as she reminds us of our capacity to love. A New Springtime is dedicated to John Paul II and the new springtime he foretold. Are you burnt out on the busyness and self-importance of modern life? Then you need Lighten Up! With a playful hint of bluegrass, these story songs and radically honest reflections urge us to forgive and to see the humor, the beauty and the sacred in those who fill our everyday lives.. One More Soul's CD sampler contains one each of the 17 CDs One More Soul produces on abortion, contraception, breast cancer and the pill, and catholic sexual teaching. A $60.00 value.
A New Springtime
Lighten Up
CD talks Sampler
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How to recover from harmful sexual decisions Información clara y persuasiva sobre la conexión entre el cáncer de seno y el aborto Information from the book Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, in a short and highly persuasive format.
Been There Done That
El riesgo de c√°ncer de seno debido al aborto
Breast Cancer Risk from Abortion
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Just how dangerous abortion and contraceptive pills are. The One More Soul Booklet Packet contains one each of the booklets published by One More Soul covering topics such as contraception, breast cancer, teen abstinence, and Natural Family Planning Physician's Packet contains resources collected to help physicians make a radical choice for life and against contraception.
Breast Cancer, Abortion and the Pill booklet
One More Soul Booklets Packet
Physician's Packet
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