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20 couples, who chose sterilization, tell how they received the grace to get sterilization reversals. The author, a family practice MD for many years, shares his broad experience and the results of his study on the effectiveness, for good or ill, of the many currently available treatments for sexual diseases and other sexual difficulties. A wonderful resource for understanding and responding to the current crisis in contraception.
Sterilization Reversal - A Generous Act of Love
The Hidden Truth: Deception in Women's Health Care hardcover
Sign Of Contradiction
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Documents the successes of NaProTECHNOLOGY and the continuing research, education, and reproductive health care developed at the Pope Paul VI Institute. Witness the profound connection between the mystery of Mary, mother of God and the Church's opposition to contraception. Mary's Bodily presence in heaven speaks to all of us of the holiness of our bodies, a holiness that carries obligations.<br /><br />Vealo en Español <a href="javascript:void(0);/*1470176855321*/">aqui</a> "God is my Father!"  This cry is being heard ever more frequently in today's world: people are coming to recognize that God is indeed their Father.  In this booklet the message will help people to understand the deep tenderness the Father has for each one of us.
Voices in the Desert
Our Lady, Catholics and Contraception
The Father Speaks To His Children
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Una explicación científica y detallada de por qué el uso de anticonceptivos hormonales aumenta el riesgo de desarrollar cáncer de seno A scientific detailed explanation why the use of hormonal contraceptives increases the risk of developing breast cancer. guía para prevenir dos de las principales causas del cáncer de seno hoy en día: el aborto y el uso de los anticonceptivos hormonales. Este librito es una guía de prevención del cáncer de seno completo, una herramienta vital para la salud de cada mujer.
Si no es bueno para el tomar esteroides...Por que esta bien para ella?
If It's Not OK for Him to Take Steroids... Why Is It OK for Her?
Cáncer de Mama Riesgos y Prevención
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CPHD for web no bg149870457959546ac35b478.png Ellen Gable's third novel, Stealing Jenny, creates a mystery with suspense. It grasps the reader's interest and attention from the very beginning , moving at a swift pace from one scene to the next.

of the Body for Teens: Discovering God's Plan For Love & Life is the program you've been waiting for Every day your students are thinking about their sexuality as they are searching for meaning in their lives. Young people today need a program that helps them understand the significance of their sexuality and the purpose of their lives.
1 Free copy "Prove It, God" ...And He Did ( with any purchase or donation)
Stealing Jenny
Theology of the Body for Teens High School Edition Bundle
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Let's be honest, Movies & TV aren't the best place to get ideas about how dating should start and progress. This book shows that if you want to maximize your chances of marital fulfillment, you absolutely must avoid using contraception. Practically speaking, widespread use of contraception has led directly to massive increases of divorce and abortion. Personal union and yearning for fertility are written physically into the structure of sexual relations, and shutting down one of these aspects hurts the whole relationship.There are practical, workable steps we can take to regain the overflowing life that God desires for us.
101 Ways to Build Up Real Love & Show Affection
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Who's at the Centre of YOUR Marriage...The Pill or Jesus Christ?
1 Free copy Why Contraception Matters (with any purchase or donation)
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 The material is presented in 14 short chapters on topics such as meeting men the old-fashioned way, things to consider before committing, and fighting for respect and chastity. The testimony of a man who reluctantly agreed to stop using contraception and try Natural Family Planning in his marriage. What followed, in his heart, his marriage, and his family, was nothing short of a miracle. A wonderful compilation of St Josemaria Escriva's teaching on the glory and holiness of marriage,
How to Get to "I Do"
1 Free copy of It Brought Me Back to God (with any purchase or donation)
Sexuality and Sanctity, The Christian Doctrine on Sex
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A well-written, hard to put down novel about one woman's journey toward discovering the beauty of God's plan for love, marriage, and children. This book not only provides answers to many questions troubling Catholics, it also supplies fundamental principles of Catholic thought to help readers arrive at morally sound decisions in those areas that have yet to be settled. Revised and updated. How the Pill increases the risk of breast cancer, and effective strategies for prevention. Women who take contraceptive pills before their first full pregnancy are 44% more likely to develop breast cancer before menopause. This is a real eye opener for people who thought the Pill was harmless. Read it <P>To read the text of this document or to view the publication in a printable form,  <a href="http://onemoresoul.com/contraception-abortion/risks-consequences/breast-cancer-risk-from-the-pill-new-and-revised.html">Here</a>.
Emily's Hope
Life Issues, Medical Choices
The Pill and Breast Cancer
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