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Talks that shed light on this often confusing issue.

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Describes the concept of NaproTechnology as a natural technique for solving the problem of infertility while remaining faithful to Catholic social teaching.

 The Theology of the Body is a Biblical message that is intended for all Christians. This teaching, originally presented by John Paul II, draws on over 1000 scripture versus concerning God’s original plan for marriage & sexuality, and how an understanding of this plan gives meaning to our lives. In this talk given at an Evangelical church, Theology of the Body expert Christopher West delivers this life-changing message to an enthusiastic Protestant audience. Catholics and Protestants alike will benefit from this teaching as we strive to live out God’s plan for our lives

Explica la historia de lo que la Iglesia Católica enseña sobre la PFN, y la belleza de la sexualidad cuando se respeta la vida y da recursos donde los matrimonios pueden obtener más información.
NaProTechnology as an Authentic Treatment for Infertility
Theology of the Body: A Bold, biblical response to the Sexual Revolution (CD
Hablemos Sobre La Planificacion Familiar
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Teaching of the Church in light of our culture regarding sexual behavior.

How to take the Theology of the Body into our hearts and to let this interior transformation reshape our lives.
Humanae Vitae On the Regulation of Birth Pope Paul Vl
Into the Heart: A Journey Through the Theology of the Body (8 CDs)
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