Respect Life January


The right to life is a human right. Our defense of that right is a joyful witness to the beauty and dignity of every human person. Thousands of people from around the country will gather in Washington to brave the cold for a cause they believe in. Some are marching for the first time, and others have been traveling to the nation’s capital since the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. For the 47th year, they’ll meet again for the same reason — the sanctity of life. The theme for this year is LIFE EMPOWERS: PRO-LIFE IS PRO-WOMAN. Please see these great resources to share for the March for Life and other Pro-Life rallies this month!

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A physician urges pro-lifers to work against contraception.

Information from the book Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill, in a short and highly persuasive format.

The contraceptive movement's overwhelming success in our day, and workable strategies for turning this around
The Challenge of Contraception for those who respect life
Breast Cancer Risk from Abortion
The Cure
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Información clara y persuasiva sobre la conexión entre el cáncer de seno y el aborto

La Doctora Menart apremia la gente en el movimiento pro-vida trabajar contra anticoncepciĂłn.

Cardinal Egan presents a beautiful picture of an unborn, 20 week old baby and challenges the viewer to see what is plainly displayed.
El riesgo de cáncer de seno debido al aborto
El reto de la anticoncepciĂłn para aquellos que respetan la vida
Just Look
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Cardenal Egan presenta una bella imagen de un bebé antes de nacer de 20 semanas de edad y desafía al espectador a ver lo que la imagen claramente muestra.

 We are talking about various Trisomy conditions, Potter's Syndrome, anencephaly (a neural tube disorder) and many disorders that usually shorten a child's lifespan dramatically causing death within the first few months of life.

Just how dangerous abortion and contraceptive pills are.
Tan solo mire
Life-Limiting Prenatal Diagnosis: Hard Cases Close to Home
Breast Cancer, Abortion and the Pill booklet
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From a Bible-oriented Christian background and wide ranging knowledge of the subject, the author examines the topic of The Pill and Abortions with logic and honesty.

The testimonies of couples who have suffered anguish, grief, and guilt after realizing that they aborted some of their own children through use of contraception.

"Duelo Prohibido es un repaso fiel e impactante de las experiencias de la Dra. Theresa Burke, terapeuta de cientos de mujeres con secuelas emocionales provocadas por abortos. La Dra.Burke expone los obstaculos en el camino hacia la recuperacion tras el aborto, repasa los distintos y profundos problemas de adaptacion del posaborto e ilustra como podemos crear una sociedad mas comprensiva y saludable en la que las mujeres no tengan que ocultar mas su dolor."
Does The Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?
The Contraception of Grief
Duelo Prohibido: El dolor no expresado del Aborto
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Rigorously researched and scientifically documented, Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women examines the role of abortion in almost every aspect of women's health: depression, infertility, autoimmune disease, cancer, and intimate partner violence, to name a few.
Complications: Abortion's Impact on Women
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