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A physician shares about God's plan for sex and marriage, giving basic principles on how couples can love each other freely, faithfully, openly, and generously, resulting in great and lasting joy.

Are you a date or a soulmate?  Are you the for-now girl or the forever girl?

If You Really Loved Me
God's Instruction Book On Love and Sex (mp3)
How To Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul 21 Secrets for Women
If You Really Loved Me
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Wonderful tools to help a couple achieve what the author calls "infallible loving," and the tremendous benefits of married love as it was meant to be.

The first in a series of Bible studies based on Proverbs 31, Chosen and Cherished gives readers the tools to build their marriage on the firm foundation of faith. Kimberly Hahn applies Scripture, Church teaching, and pastoral wisdom to such practical matters as conflict resolution, communication skills, setting financial goals, healing the wounds of unfaithfulness and cultivating a spirit of generosity toward your spouse. Also, discussion questions help readers apply the material to their own lives and make the book a valuable resource for small group discussion.

A well-written, hard to put down novel about one woman's journey toward discovering the beauty of God's plan for love, marriage, and children.
Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving
Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage
Emily's Hope
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Within the Theology of the Body, John Paul II composed wonderful teachings on the Song of Songs and on the story of Sarah and Tobias from the book of Tobit. In this book Christopher West takes these  treasures and embeds them in stories of people he has known who received healing for their distorted sexual values through the Theology of the Body. This is the best book on sexuality I have ever read.

Third in a series of books to help you strengthen your marriage and raise your children, creating a civilization of love in your home.

 The material is presented in 14 short chapters on topics such as meeting men the old-fashioned way, things to consider before committing, and fighting for respect and chastity.
Heaven's Song
Beloved and Blessed
How to Get to "I Do"
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The second in a series has tools to help you create a home that will be a place of beauty and peace where the needs of your loved ones are met.

Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) supplies the philosophical foundation for healthy and healing male-female relationships.

 Fathers Hogan and Levoir help unwrap the treasure of the Theology of the Body for us
Graced and Gifted
Love and Responsibility
Covenant of Love
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In Life-Giving Love Kimberly Hahn takes us to God's wonderful plan for the family in the sexual teachings of the Catholic Church. Also in Spanish

Christopher West illuminates love’s two dimensions—eros (human) and agape (divine), using key passages from Benedict XVI’s first encyclical, God Is Love. He helps us appreciate the interplay, distinctiveness, and relationship of these dimensions of love. West succeeds as probably no other author could in marrying John Paul II’s Theology of the Body with Benedict’s God Is Love. This is one of those rare books that makes you wish the end would not come so soon.

A new critical translation of Pope John Paul II’s great work on the Theology of the Body, complete with a new introduction and new footnotes.
Life-Giving Love
The Love That Satisfies
Man and Woman He Created Them, Theology of the Body
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