Children - The Supreme Blessing of Marriage

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Children are great. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter who the mother or the father is, no matter how they were conceived, a child is a gift from God, and an occasion for celebration. Children draw us into the mainstream of life and put us in solid contact with the things that matter: honesty, commitment, generosity, self-giving. These are the virtues that make human life healing and delightful. Learn more.

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The main textbook for the "Daughters Forever, Sons Forever" home study program on human sexual issues.

How to take the Theology of the Body  into our hearts and to let this interior transformation reshape our lives.

Three talks on DVD supporting the "Daughters Forever" sexuality education program. For daughters; also available on CD.
Daughters Forever Sons Forever textbook
Into the Heart: A Journey Through the Theology of the Body (8 DVDs)
Daughters Forever DVD
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Study guide for a young man following the "Daughters Forever, Sons Forever" program, including assignments for reading and listening to talks, content and reflection questions, and a variety of ways to start discussing the material with one's father.

Drawing on her experience as a mother of eight, Marie's smooth voice and storytelling lyrics combine familiar detail and a gentle sense of humor to sing of the everyday life of a mother and wife striving for holiness in the modern world. Through her light acoustic style, she offers hope and encouragement to those willing to sacrifice for marriage and family.

Study guide for the Into the Heart series on the Theology of the Body.
Daughters Forever Sons Forever: A Study Guide for Sons
What I Wanted to Say
Into the Heart Student Workbook
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 Frente a la problemática actual de un ambiente agresivo que tiende a acabar con las diferencias, la autora recuerda porque qué las normas y los límites son fundamentales,  porque es más provechoso para un chico jugar al aire libre que dedicarle horas

The special relationship that his brothers formed with Simon during his short time here on earth. The objective of this book is to communicate the beliefs of Simon's family. The Crosiers believe that each life created, beginning with conception, is sanctified by God and is precious in His sight.
100% Chicos 7 claves para que crezcan sanos y felices
Hello My Name Is Simon
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