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My Son Letter

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My son,

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.1 [7] I created you in my image and likeness.2 [8] Out of nothing, I formed your body into a temple for the Holy Spirit,3 [9] and I breathed life into you.4 [10] I shaped your mind, your talents, your emotions, and I formed a plan for your life that fits you perfectly.5 [11] You are my son whom I love; remain in my love.6 [12]

Behold I stand at the door and knock.7 [13] Will you let Me in?8 [14] Out of love I created you, and out of love I seek to be with you.9 [15] I have called you by name,10 [16] and given you the choice to love Me or to reject Me.11 [17] I ask that you open your heart to Me and follow Me.12 [18] What will separate you from Me?13 [19] I have seen your past, and I know your future. Though you may stray from Me, I am rich in mercy and grace.14 [20] Come back to Me with a humble heart, ask for forgiveness, and you will be forgiven.15 [21]

You have a deep fierce heart.16 [22] I gave you this heart for the battles that you will fight.17 [23] Like Me, you are a warrior.18 [24] You will be attacked by temptation, loneliness, and your own desires. So put on my armor so that you will be able to stand firm against the evil one.19 [25] I have clothed you with power from on High.20 [26] Pick up the sword of prayer and the shield of faith. Call out to Me, and I will give you courage under trial, resistance under temptation, and patience to endure. With Me, you have what it takes.21 [27]

You have been called to guard22 [28] and protect the purity that I have placed within you and around you. Guard the purity found within you, and only then can you guard the purity and beauty of women. Give your heart to Me; surrender to Me; allow Me to form your desires and transform your fears. At the perfect time I will bring you a woman for whom you can give your whole life, or you will join with Me in total love for my Bride, the Church. Your bride will be a gift for you.23 [29] Prepare now to fight for her and defend her, to love her and encourage her in holiness. Let all you do reflect the dignity that I have given to you, and honor those around you. You are called to lay down your life as I have laid down my life for you.24 [30] There is no greater love than this that a man should lay down his life for another.25 [31] It is in losing your life that you will gain it.26 [32] Will you lay down your life for Me?

I love you.27 [33] Trust in me.28 [34] Trust that the plan I have for you will bring you the peace the world cannot give.29 [35] Take delight in my plan for you, and I will grant you your hearts desires,30 [36] and you will become the man I created you to be. Walk with Me, as I walk with you. Endure to the end, and we shall dwell together in my Kingdom forever.31 [37]

With all my love,

God, your Father

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