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Fascinating Video Shows Conception to Birth Visualized

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Did you know a baby develops hands and arms just 32 days after conception?

That’s just one of the amazing discoveries made by Alexander Tsiaras, founder of thevisualMD [http://www.thevisualmd.com/].

Tsiaras said the ultra-complex formation of a human being is full of mystery, magic and divinity. He was an associate professor of medicine and chief of scientific visualization at Yale University in the department of medicine when he had to write many of the algorithms and code for NASA to use for virtual surgery in preparation for the astronauts going deep into space using robotic pods. We’re talking more complex than rocket science.

“Using new kinds of scanning technology allowed us to see things about the body that just make you marvel,” said Tsiaras of his research. ”Even though

I’m a mathematician, I marvel as these instruction sets do not make mistakes as they build what is us.”

Here are some spectacular facts about the developing human body during birth:

Tsiaras sums up the early stages of the pregnancy, as the baby’s development in its mother’s womb seems to say, “I’m here to stay; plant me.”

In the video below, Tsiaras uses art and technology to visualize the miracle of the unseen human body. True to the slogan of TEDTalks

http://www.ted.com/talks/alexander_tsiaras_conception_to_birth_visualized], this is definitely an idea worth spreading.

[Editorial Comment: As we await the virgin birth of Jesus, this video helps us visualize the wonder of God’s design of the human being, including Jesus the God-Man.]

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