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Pro-Life Reaction to Defeated Nelson-Hatch Amendment

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by David Brody, CBN News White House Correspondent

Below is some reaction from Pro-Life leaders on the defeated Nelson-Hatch abortion amendment in the Senate:

Tony Perkins.President of Family Research Council Action

“In rejecting the Nelson-Hatch amendment, pro-abortion Senators have broken the three decade long truce over government funding of abortion and have demonstrated they would rather have mandate federal funding for abortion than enact ‘health care reform.’

Wendy Wright, President, Concerned Women for America

“Nelson-Hatch is a reasonable amendment that does one thing: ensures federal funds are not spent on elective abortions. What the government funds, we get more of. Without this amendment, the bill will violate two of Pres. Obama’s promises: that the bill will not fund abortion and that he will work to reduce abortions. Since abortion costs less than delivery of a baby, it is not unlikely that bureaucrats, facing pressure to reduce costs, will sign off on paying for abortion but not for the health care that pregnant women and their babies need. If the bill does not explicitly bar the funding of abortion, bureaucrats and activist judges will require federal funding of this deadly procedure.  If more children are aborted, who will pay for this massive government entitlement when it balloons in 20 years?”

Douglas Johnson, Legislative Director, National Right to Life Committee

“The focus now shifts to the all-important cloture vote on the Reid bill itself, which is a 60-vote hurdle.  Let the message be heard clearly across the land:  Any senator who votes for cloture on Reid’s bill is voting to establish two big new federal programs that will subsidize abortion on demand.”

Charmaine Yoest, President, Americans United for Life Action

“A vote to table the amendment is a vote against the Nelson-Hatch-Casey amendment. A majority of Senators effectively endorsed the abortion lobby’s goal of mainstreaming abortion as health care. The Senate health care reform bill explicitly allows the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to include abortion coverage in the ‘community health insurance option,’ and allows federal subsidies to go to private insurance plans that include abortion coverage.  In addition, the bill also requires that at least one private plan in each exchange provide coverage for all abortions. The Senate had the opportunity to follow the House’s lead in ensuring that federal dollars are not used to pay for abortions.  Instead, the Senate chose to reject the Nelson-Hatch-Casey amendment and continue down the road towards unprecedented federal funding of abortion.”Ashley Horne, Federal Issues Analyst, Focus on the Family Action

“Today, the U.S. Senate failed to protect the preborn and ignored the will of the people they represent. Although 67 percent of Americans oppose the use of federal money to pay for abortion in any government-run healthcare, Senators nevertheless rejected the Hatch-Nelson amendment. Their vote would compel Americans who have moral and religious objects to abortion – and who now make up the majority of the country – to fund it. This is what Thomas Jefferson described as ‘tyrannical.’ Focus on the Family continues to oppose the health care bill because it fails to protect the most vulnerable among us – the preborn. We will keep working diligently to ensure that this faulty legislation does not pass by giving a voice to the millions of Americans who oppose the use of federal funds to pay for abortion.”

Steven Ertelt, Editor and CEO, LifeNews.com

“Senators who opposed the Nelson amendment should be ashamed of themselves for hypocritically calling for ‘choice’ yet forcing Americans to pay for abortions through the health care bill. Their real agenda is exposed through their own votes — they want unlimited abortions throughout pregnancy for any reason funded by the American people. That’s not pro-choice, it is radically pro-abortion.”

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