To heal, or not to heal, that is the question…


(Source) Medicine changed forever in 1960 when the FDA approved the oral contraceptive pill. Society was quick to reap the consequences in the form of ’sexual liberation’ for women. It was, and for many people today still is, the panacea of medical science that a pill could free people from the ‘burden’ of new life.

Jump forward 50 years, what do we have today? We have a society completely obsessed with and addicted to sex, a complete breakdown of marriage, women more ‘enslaved’ than before they were ‘liberated’ and a medical field that has lost the vision of what they are here to do in the first place: heal. Janet Smith, a professor in the USA, gives a wonderful talk about the consequences of contraception titled, ‘Contraception Why Not?’. I would highly recommend you take the time to read and listen if you get the chance.

There is also mounting evidence that the pill is slowly killing us, through many different channels – from drinking water laced with chemicals, to significantly increased risk of cancer in women who take the pill. Here is an interesting article written recently summarising some of the alarming statistics in this area.

The concluding point of the article is in the face of such alarming evidence of harm to its users and secondarily to wider society, it is a wonder why the people we trust to protect and heal us, our doctors and medical society, are continuing to promote its use for virtually all women in society. Ignoring theological issues we have with contraception, it is time our doctors stop pushing a drug that does far more harm than good to the individual and to society.

If not for the Church and for missionaries like Christopher West, I would have never seen the evils of contraception, and my eyes would never have opened to the horrific consequences it is having on our bodies. I hope and pray that one day people in society ask, ‘How could we?’… could we kill our unborn and slowly but surely kill ourselves, with full knowledge of what we were doing.

How could we?