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Who benefits most from abortion pills on college campuses? Not who you think.

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 Carole Novielli [8] |

Abortion pills on state college campuses may soon become a reality, depending on how the California legislature votes tomorrow on SB 24, a bill that would allow California campus health centers to dispense the abortion pill regimen to students.

Live Action News previously [9] detailed how at least 24 women have already died and how literally thousands have been hospitalized with serious complications from the abortion pill, all while the pill regime was monitored under a safety system (REMS) put in place by the FDA. But many of those now pushing for these dangerous pills to be readily available on campus are also pushing for these same safety requirements to be lifted.


What does this mean?

According to the pro-abortion Rewire [10] news website:

The California state legislature has until Friday to vote on the College Student Right to Access Act, [11] sponsored by state Sen. Connie Leyva (D-Chino). If it does not move forward this week, the bill will be “carried over” to 2020…. A previous version of the bill was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) [12] last year, but California’s new governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, has signaled [13] he would sign the bill into law.

Should SB24 be approved, Rewire says, “Starting in 2023, each campus of California State University and the University of California would receive $200,000 to cover the startup costs of offering medication abortion services at their health centers.

Who will benefit [14] most from abortion pill distribution on California college campuses? The pill’s manufacturer, DANCO Laboratories, LLC  [15], a secretly organized company [15] which was put in place by the eugenics-founded Population Council [16] and was seeded [17] with millions from The Packard Foundation, an original investor [18] of Danco [19].

Who’s funding this?

Rewire fails to point out that, as Live Action News previously [20] documented, the funds for campus abortion pill distribution were promised by Tara Health Foundation (THF) — a radically pro-abortion organization pushing to expand abortion.

Image: TARA Health foundation funds abortion pill on college campus

TARA Health foundation funds abortion pill on college campus

Tara Health Foundation [21] has been planning [22] to expand abortion through philanthropic measures [23] for some time. This is outlined in a strategy [24] supported [25] by THF, commissioned by Reproductive Health Investors Alliance [26] Steering Committee, and published on THF’s website [27]. It includes a push for “home use [28]” abortion, elimination of FDA’s safety requirements known as REMS, and lists DANCO investor the Packard Foundation [25] as a steering committee member.

Image: Packard Timeline shows it invested in abortion pill distributor

Packard Timeline shows it invested in abortion pill distributor

THF recently funded a study [29] on TelAbortion [30] (telemedicine), claiming abortion pill expansion is safe. This study was published by the Journal Contraception, which has failed [15] to list previous [31] financial conflicts tied to the abortion pill’s manufacturer, DANCO [15], in past reports. The Journal’s editorial board has been stacked with abortion industry insiders [32], including a National Abortion Federation board member [33] and members of the Population Council [34] (responsible for bringing the abortion pill into the US and forming DANCO [35], the manufacturer of the pill).

Who are the people behind the studies claiming that distributing the abortion pill this way is safe?

Abortionist Daniel Grossman [36], director of Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), told Rewire that Tara Health’s funding of the abortion pill on California college campuses  “should be ‘more than enough’ to train staff and get student health centers ready to provide abortion care.”

He should know; Grossman is part [37] of UCSF’s abortion training program [38], is senior adviser [39] at Ibis Reproductive Health, and is behind the push to expand so-called self-managed abortion. Grossman is also behind an abortion pill clinical trial for pharmacy dispensing. [40] Grossman is a member of the Editorial Board [41] of the Journal Contraception [42], where he publishes his abortion studies [43]. That Journal is funded [15] by the Packard Foundation.

Grossman was also recently recruited [44] to issue “fact checks [36]” for Facebook, targeting Live Action. (Live Action News has been exposing [45] Grossman’s ties to big abortion.)

Image: Daniel Grossman ( Image credit: University of Texas at Austin)

Daniel Grossman ( Image credit: University of Texas at Austin)

Rewire also quoted Ushma Upadhyay, associate professor [46] at ANSIRH. “In one study [47],” Rewire writes, “[Upadhyay] and her colleagues found that the average student at a California state school had to wait about a week for an off-campus appointment and pay an average of $600 for medication abortion services.” That study, published [47] by the Journal of Adolescent Health, deliberately hid its funding source, noting it was a “private anonymous donor.”

Image: Ushma Upadhyay abortion study anonymous funding

Ushma Upadhyay abortion study anonymous funding

Hiding funding sources isn’t new [42] among abortion insiders. Live Action News uncovered [45] that the Buffett Foundation — another DANCO abortion pill manufacturer investor — has been an anonymous funding source for at least one abortion pill study. And we have documented [48] several times that Buffett [49] and Packard [15] were original investors in DANCO, as was billionaire George Soros [50] (Open Society Foundations).

In past years, Buffett gave [51] $78 million to the University of California — and according to New York Times, Buffett is the primary financier [52] of the Bixby Center’s [38] Ryan Residency Program at UCSF, where Daniel Grossman [37] works. In 2016, ProPublica revealed [53] that “Buffett’s main academic partner (receiving at least $88 million from 2001 to 2014) has been the University of California, San Francisco [37]…” where Grossman is on staff [54].

Image: Buffett funds UCSF Bixby Ryan program where Grossman is staff and Family Planning Fellowship

Buffett funds UCSF Bixby Ryan program where Grossman is staff and Family Planning Fellowship

Additional connections:

Image: Daniel Grossman works with Ibid funded by abortion pill mfg Danco

Daniel Grossman works with Ibis funded by abortion pill mfg Danco

As they say… follow the money.

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