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What is One More Soul doing?

  • We continue to serve parishes, dioceses, pregnancy support centers and individuals with excellent
    resources to proclaim the blessings of children and the harm of contraception.
  • Julia has just completed a review of contact data for all Directory of NFP-Only Physicians. This
    resource is commonly sought for health care that is consistent with Catholic Church teaching.
  • We will soon publish Anne Cherney’s Supernatural Family Planning, the Original Method. In the first chapter, Anne describes how she and her husband just let God “plan” their family to have 10 children, and how He provided without delay their every need. I’m hoping/praying it will be printed in time for Christmas giving.
  • Sterilization Reversal, A Generous Act of Love, edited by John Long, describes the experience of 20
    Catholic couples who saw their marriages fall apart following sterilization. They were on the brink of divorce. Permanently separating life from love changed more than God’s perfect design for their bodies. A reversal changed everything; they experienced true love again; reversal is truly “a generous act of love.” We want to send sample copies to Family and Marriage Offices in every diocese and seminary. Your donations can make that possible.
  •  I will continue to encourage bishops and priests to follow Cardinal Sarah’s instructions for renewing the Liturgy so that both priests and laity will have the graces needed to preach and accept the moral teachings that affect our culture—a Culture of Death—abortion, contraception, IVF, ESCR, PAS, transgenderism, etc.\
  • Finally, I would like to upgrade our lighting by replacing 50+ fluorescent ceiling fixtures with a dozen LED fixtures and reduce our HVAC costs by adding ceiling insulation.

Thank you very much for your prayers and donations. You are the lifeblood of One More Soul. May God bless us.

Steve Koob, Director

PS Please participate in Mass often. The Mass is THE source AND summit of our Christion faith and life




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