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The testimony of a man who reluctantly agreed to stop using contraception and try Natural Family Planning in his marriage. What followed, in his heart, his marriage, and his family, was nothing short of a miracle.
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Author: Mary Pat Van Epps, Director, Diocese of Memphis NFP Center     Date added: 02/25/2008, 04:57 PM    
His voice is so gentle and full of love and truth. He has humor in it, and he paints some vivid pictures to make his points. He has really put together some great arguments to discuss contraception and sterilization and their effect on the rise in abortions and divorces, and their effect on marriages and families and the Church. I was just blown away at how good I thought it was, so I wanted to be sure that all of you know about it. I have already ordered 100 of them, and I want to put them in my NFP packets. Please be sure to get a copy from One More Soul, and I hope you will want to distribute them too. Bishop Galeone gives an introduction, and as usual, I think he is totally right when he says listening to this CD may have a lasting impact on people's lives. If we can get people to actually listen, their lives really might be changed and our Church might be changed and our world might be changed too. God bless Steve and Bishop Galeone!!!! Please do get a copy of this CD. It is a marvelous promotion of NFP and living the teachings of our Church. I really do love the CD, did I tell you that yet????? I am telling every body I know about it.
Author: Christopher West (renowned authority on John Paul II`s Theology of the Body)     Date added: 02/21/2008, 04:14 PM    
This well-researched, entertaining one-hour talk was directed to priests and laity who sincerely don't understand what the big deal is about contraception. If you know such a person, please get him or her a copy. But even if you already see contraception as the major moral and cultural issue that it is, I think you will find this talk enlightening and inspiring. It was for me.