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  • Our Lady of America needs your help!‏ »28/07/2015 by One More Soul StaffOur Lady promised that greater miracles than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima would be granted here in America
  • Students need to hear about health risks of contraceptives: Project Rachel founder »27/07/2015 by One More Soul StaffAll Catholic colleges should be teaching students about the scientifically documented dangers of birth control, in addition to Catholic teaching against it.
  • Girls Hitting Puberty Earlier, 10x Faster Than Boys –and it’s NOT all About the Chicken!!!! »27/07/2015 by One More Soul StaffThe Real Reasons for Early Puberty in Girls it’s not just the meat!
  • NFP Has No Place in Paradise »24/07/2015 by One More Soul StaffIn the perfect world God intended - the world without sin or suffering - NFP doesn't have a place.
  • Anniversary of Humanae Vitae »24/07/2015 by One More Soul StaffChristian marriage is a call to heroic love.
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Patty Schneier

In "Prove it God" Patty Schneier speaks as a Catholic woman and mother in our modern times. She tells her personal story of how God worked in her heart to turn her away from contraception and toward Natural Family Planning.

Patty Schneier's "Prove It, God" ...And He Did is available to listen to for free! Order it!

Stephen Patton M.A., J.D.

Stephen Patton's "Why Contraception Matters" talk is available to listen to for free! Read it! Order it!

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