1) Give couples an outstanding "marriage prep packet".


There is so much to learn! Each couple needs the best self-study resources we can provide. Years ago, a couple could rely on instinct, or support from the culture, or trial and error to get by. Our culture short-circuits most of this learning, so extra help is needed. Fortunately a wealth of resources is available. Many are very inexpensive and can simply be given to each couple, or their cost can be covered by a reasonable tuition charge. Some are more pricey, but are so valuable that they need to be mentioned.

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MI NUEVO DOCTOR es una historia de una familia que de una u otra forma experimenta los efectos adversos de la p√≠ldora anticonceptiva. Afortunadamente ‚Äúla t√≠a‚ÄĚ conoce un nuevo doctor que le aclara muchas dudas y le ense√Īa un m√©todo natural.

A chastity promoting bookmark for young women

The One More Soul Booklet Packet contains one each of the booklets published by One More Soul covering topics such as contraception, breast cancer, teen abstinence, and Natural Family Planning
Mi Nuevo Doctor
My Man Will. . . .
One More Soul Booklets Packet
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<font size="3">Ordinary Time tells the stories of ordinary people making their way in our fast and fabulous world. Twelve thought provoking songs encourage us to laugh at our attempts to have it all and remind us of the everyday drama and nobility of ordinary lives lived faithfully.<br /><br />

The Kansas Catholic Conference provides clear, practical help for couples caught up in the potentially disastrous lifestyle of cohabitation.

Perceiving the Contraception Connection a Catholic priest encourages people to reject contraception and to practice natural family planning.
Ordinary Time
Pastoral Letter on Cohabitation Before Marriage
Perceiving the Contraception Connection
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La historia de lo que la Iglesia Cat√≥lica ense√Īa sobre la PFN, ofrece recursos que los c√≥nyuges pueden usar para obtener m√°s informaci√≥n y demuestra por qu√© el enfoque natural del goce del don de la sexualidad respeta la vida.

En t√©rminos pr√°cticos, el uso generalizado de la anticoncepci√≥n ha llevado directamente a un aumento masivo del divorcio y el aborto. La uni√≥n personal y el anhelo de la fertilidad se escriben f√≠sicamente en la estructura de las relaciones sexuales, y cancelar uno de estos aspectos da√Īa toda la relaci√≥n de pareja.

Hay pasos prácticos y que se pueden trabajar para recuperar la vida desbordante que Dios desea para nosotros. La charla de Stephen Patton "Porque Importa la Anticoncepción" esta disponible aqui para que la escuchen gratis! <a href="http://onemoresoul.com/news-commentary/porque-importa-la-anticoncepcion.html">Leela!</a>

An assortment of 18 pamphlets and CD-"True Love...How Will I Know", which share the beauty of God's plan for love, marriage, sex, and family.
Planificacion Familiar Natural Un enfoque catolico
Porque importa la Anticoncepcion (mp3)
Pregnancy Help Center Packet
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Four physicians who do not prescribe hormonal birth control give medical reasons for this decision.

In compelling, understandable language, the author describes the many ways that Natural Family Planning supports and enhances marriage. For couples who are reluctant to try NFP, he also answers many objections raised by people who are attracted to using contraception.

La Doctora Ann Moell le diga a sus pacientes de su corazón porqué ella elige no prescribir los anticonceptivos para ellos
Problems Associated with Hormonal Birth Control
Pure Intimacy
Que Sabe Ud. Acerca del Control de la Natalidad?
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A teen bookmark that promotes chastity by encouraging abstinence as a way of having romance without regret.

Encourages teenagers to reach for secondary virginity, and a new life

Helps teenagers understand the need to choose virginity up until they are married
Romance without Regrets
Second Chance
SEX . . . Is there more to it?
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Christopher West explores the "whys" of the Church's teaching on human sexuality, focusing on the true nature of human love as a reflection of God's love. Sexual Honesty explains the critical difference between contraception and Natural Family Planning and shows how couples can live "sexual honesty."

Sexual Wisdom challenges false sexual ideas with truth based on medical fact, established research, and the author's own wise thinking.

How a 40-year-old mother of four and her husband received the grace to welcome one more soul into their family.
Sexual Honesty
Sexual Wisdom
Stretch Marks
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