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Books that show the blessings of children, as true gifts from God, and occasions for celebration

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Dr. Evelyn Billings, with her husband, John, refined the Ovulation Method now used all over the world. In this book she describes in detail how to use the Billings method and its scientific basis. Today there are over a million copies in print in 22 languages.

 Fathers Hogan and Levoir help unwrap the treasure of the Theology of the Body for us

 Janet Smith has gathered together twenty-one outstanding essays and articles by well-respected thinkers to provide the demonstration that Pope Paul VI was not simply correct, but prophetic.
The Billings Method
Covenant of Love
Why Humanae Vitae Was Right
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One More Soul's Marriage Packet is a marriage preparation resource covering commitment, natural family planning, birth control, children, and much more. A great wedding gift. No better gift could be given a young couple than to turn them away from contraception and to the joy of unrestricted self-giving.

In Life-Giving Love Kimberly Hahn takes us to God's wonderful plan for the family in the sexual teachings of the Catholic Church. Also in Spanish

Provee lo que los padres necesitan saber para criar a sus hijos saludables
Marriage Packet
Life-Giving Love
Amor y Familia: Formacion de nuestros hijos en adultos responsables
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Courtship, sexuality, child-rearing, and a wide range of possible marriage problems

Stories from 101 mothers full of the wonder of human life and the awesome role of the women who bring it forth

Discusses the harm that has come to the Church due to family limitation.
Marriage, a Path To Sanctity
Amazing Grace for Mothers
A Full Quiver
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The testimonies of couples who have suffered anguish, grief, and guilt after realizing that they aborted some of their own children through use of contraception.

Todas las iglesias cristianas condenaron enérgicamente la anticoncepción hasta 1930, pero muchas comenzaron aceptarla después de eso, lo que llevó a la desastrosa revolución sexual. Todavía hay un camino claro para las iglesias de reorientar y rechazar este mal.

The joys and struggles, strength and love of fatherhood, and how God‚Äôs amazing grace can work in the lives of ‚Äúordinary‚ÄĚ fathers and their families. A perfect gift for any man blessed by God with this awesome vocation.
The Contraception of Grief
El Control de la Natalidad y el Seguimiento de Cristo
Amazing Grace for Fathers
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A wonderful presentation of the divine-human reality of Christmas, drawn from Chistian liturgies ancient and modern, from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and from wonderful ancient Christian songs. This work is poetic, insightful, almost overwhelming.

Este es el manual de la LPP que explica cŌĆmo utilizar el M√©todo Sintot√©rmico de  PNF. Esta nueva edici√≥n est√° hecha en un formato de letra grande que resulta m√°s f√°cil de leer y entender. Contiene informaci√≥n ampliada sobre la lactancia ecol√≥gica y el regreso de la fertilidad despu√©s del parto. Incluye el Manual de Aplicaciones Pr√°cticas.
320 p√°ginas

Married persons live longer, have less physical and mental health problems, have higher incomes, and accumulate more wealth than their unmarried counterparts. They experience many other benefits.
Cradle of Redeeming Love: The Theology of the Christmas Mystery
El Arte de la Planificacion Natural de la Familia
The Case for Marriage
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This wonderful biography on St Gianna tells her life's story, from her childhood, through her professional and family life, and up until the giving of her life for her child. Much of the book is in the form of an interview with Gianna's husband Pietro, and it also includes a section entitled "Gianna's Virtues," the testimony of Pietro for the process of his wife's beatification.

Esta exhortación apostólica proporciona el mapa para el matrimonio y la vida familiar cristianos en sus dimensiones moral, espiritual y evangélica. Da las estrategias detalladas para que las familias  logren su gran destino como la fuente de la civilización verdadera, la Civilización del Amor.

Subtitulado: "Respuestas a sus preguntas honestas acerca de la ense√Īanza cat√≥lica," este libro toma docenas de las preguntas m√°s duras en sexualidad humana y les pone el entusiasmo de Chris West, gran perspicacia, y alegr√≠a en la verdad. En las manos de Chris los problemas m√°s molestos en el enfoque cat√≥lico del amor sexual llegan a ser definitivamente Buenas Noticias.
Saint Gianna Molla
La familia cristiana en el mundo moderno (Familiaris Consortio)
Buena nueva sobre sexo y matrimonio
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