Children - The Supreme Blessing of Marriage

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Children are great. No matter what the circumstances are, no matter who the mother or the father is, no matter how they were conceived, a child is a gift from God, and an occasion for celebration. Children draw us into the mainstream of life and put us in solid contact with the things that matter: honesty, commitment, generosity, self-giving. These are the virtues that make human life healing and delightful. Learn more.

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A Catholic perspective on how and why God makes babies. Ages 9 & up. It was given the Nihil Obstat from Msgr Brian Branford and the Imprimatur from Most Rev. Charles Chaput OFM, Cap

Notes that woman’s true greatness lies in her ability to bring new life into the world

 The good consequences for couples using NFP.
Wonderfully Made! Babies
Woman: God's Masterpiece (2 CD set)
Why Use Natural Family Planning
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A huge body of recent research on marriage indicates that stable marriages are a key factor in increasing lifespan, developing financial prosperity, improving health, fostering education of our children, reducing crime and violence, and in many other areas of social concern. This booklet summarizes these impressive findings.

With candor, excellent research, and a sense of humor, Jonathan Last dispels the overpopulation myth with the truth: nations across the globe are facing a population collapse.  Last covers many elements contributing to declining fertility rates,: government policies, secularism, cultural shifts, and much more. Learn what is happening to countries whose birthrates have collapsed and what can be done to prevent a population implosion.

Drawing on her experience as a mother of eight, Marie's smooth voice and storytelling lyrics combine familiar detail and a gentle sense of humor to sing of the everyday life of a mother and wife striving for holiness in the modern world. Through her light acoustic style, she offers hope and encouragement to those willing to sacrifice for marriage and family.
Why Marriage Matters in 3rd Edition
What To Expect When No One's Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster
What I Wanted to Say
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The testimony of one couple and their journey from the verge of divorce to healing and happiness.

Explains and defends the dignity and rights of the newly conceived human person.

The hidden first nine months of Jesus's life, from the moment of conception within Mary's body to his birth in Bethlehem. The author thoughtfully explores the glories, mysteries, and graces found in Jesus's as he grows from fertilized ovum to newborn baby
We Had Everything… But Happiness
Vatican on High Tech Conception (Donum Vitae)
Unborn Jesus Our Hope
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of the Body for Teens: Discovering God's Plan For Love & Life is the program you've been waiting for Every day your students are thinking about their sexuality as they are searching for meaning in their lives. Young people today need a program that helps them understand the significance of their sexuality and the purpose of their lives.

"Tunnel of Parenthood: The First Five Years." Now that we have emerged from the Tunnel, I have grown more and more convinced that those were indeed the hardest years.

The Myth of Overpopulation
Theology of the Body for Teens High School Edition Bundle
The Tunnel of Parenthood Encouragement for the First Five Years of Parenting
The Myth of Overpopulation (mp3)
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Meditation and a prayer, the life of Jesus in the womb. A nine month journey explaining the life of carrying a child.

The Infertility Companion for Catholics is the first book to address not only the medical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of infertility, but also the particular needs of Catholic couples who desire to understand and follow Church teaching on the use of assisted reproductive technology.

A version of Donum Vitae (the Vatican statement on the rights and dignity of newly conceived humans). The authors discuss numerous reproductive issues: in vitro fertilization, cloning, use of embryonic stem cells, embryo adoption, and much more.
The Life of Jesus in the Womb: A Meditation and a Prayer
The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples
The Dignity of a Person (Dignitatis Personae)
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The testimonies of couples who have suffered anguish, grief, and guilt after realizing that they aborted some of their own children through use of contraception.

A physician urges pro-lifers to work against contraception.

Married persons live longer, have less physical and mental health problems, have higher incomes, and accumulate more wealth than their unmarried counterparts. They experience many other benefits.
The Contraception of Grief
The Challenge of Contraception for those who respect life
The Case for Marriage
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