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CDS that address the medical issues surrounding contraception.

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Dr. Kim Hardey MD tells the story of his conversion from prescribing and using contraceptives, and asks priests to preach on these sexual moral issues.

The story of story of a couple who chose sterilization (under pressure from many sources). They found that living with sterilization made life progressively worse for them

A Family Practice doctor explains how the Church’s teachings enabled him to be the healer he wanted to be when he became a doctor.
AN ObGyn Talks Straight to Priests About Sex and Marriage
Testimony of Healing: Sterilization Reversal - An Act of Love
Pivot Points
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La Pareja Perfecta Esta pareja tenia salud, un salario de seis cifras, una hermosa casa, dos hijos maravillosos, y una vasectomia. En pocas palabras se sentian miserables.  En esta radio novelo usted descubrira como esta pareja con la gracia de Dios encuentra la sanidad, la plenitudy y la verdadera felicidad.
Milagros es la historia de una pareja que busca ayuda para lograr su anhelo de ser padres.  Despues de un camino de dolor e incertidumbre al no encontrar una solucion afectiva y moralmente aceptable, su fe y esperanza los llevan a recibir mas de un milagro.

Un nuevo doctor le aclara muchas dudas y le ensena un metodo natural para planificar la familia. - 
Una pareja joven siguen el consejo de su parroco y verdaderamente encuentran un tesoro.

Is human life valuable? You know the answer, but can you explain why?
La Pareja Perfecta & Milagros
Mi Nuevo Doctor & Encontrando Un Tesoro
Why Human Life Is So Highly Valued
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Describes the concept of NaproTechnology as a natural technique for solving the problem of infertility while remaining faithful to Catholic social teaching.

Nature's Method is an interactive CD-ROM containing detailed explanations of the Ovulation Method: Natural vs. Artificial - a video explaining the benefits of Natural Family Planning and the negative physical and emotional effects of artificial birth control; Family of the Americas' documentary; a scientific section containing data supporting the Ovulation Method; and the Charting Coach, the ability to electronically follow the Ovulation Method and chart one's cycle on computer.

Due to the dominance of contraception,  reproductive medicine has fallen years behind available research in providing the most effective health care with the least harm to patients. On December 8, 2001 some of the best thinkers on this topic gathered at Ann Arbor, MI. The talks from this seminar are presented here. Reproductions of the slides, graphs, and other visuals from the talks are included.
NaProTechnology as an Authentic Treatment for Infertility
Love and Fertility - computer CD-ROM
Rethinking Reproductive Medicine
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One each of the 16 CDs One More Soul produces on abortion, contraception, breast cancer and the pill, and catholic sexual teaching. A $85.00 value.
CD talks Sampler
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