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Natural Family Planning is a marvelous resource God has built into our bodies. It allows couples to use their human wisdom in cooperation with God and to build their families in a loving and responsible way. Couples who use NFP testify how it enhances their love for one another and helps them base their lives on what really matters.

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Dr. Evelyn Billings, with her husband, John, refined the Ovulation Method now used all over the world. In this book she describes in detail how to use the Billings method and its scientific basis. Today there are over a million copies in print in 22 languages.

Love and Fertility is an illustrated how-to manual of the Ovulation Method of natural family planning, complete with charts.  The female fertility cycle is compared to the plant growth cycle, and simple, direct instructions are given for achieving or postponing pregnancy.

An illustrated how-to manual of the Ovulation Method of fertility awareness, complete with charts and other helpful materials. The female fertility cycle is compared to the plant growth cycle, and simple, direct instructions are given for achieving or postponing pregnancy.
The Billings Method
Love and Fertility Booklet
Love and Fertility - book & chart with CD
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Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later contains Janet E. Smith's analysis of the arguments for and against Catholic Sexual teaching drawing strongly on Humanae Vitae.

What Catholics Should Know About NFP contains information on Natural Family Planning in clear, concise form.

In Discontinuing Contraceptives in Your Pharmacy: One Pharmacist's Insights, a pharmacist describes his decision to stop dispensing contraceptives because of their harmful effects on women and their abortive action.
Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later
What Catholics Should Know About Natural Family Planning
Discontinuing Contraceptives in Your Pharmacy: One Pharmacist鈥檚 Insights
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Sexual Wisdom challenges false sexual ideas with truth based on medical fact, established research, and the author's own wise thinking.

One More Soul's Marriage Packet is a marriage preparation resource covering commitment, natural family planning, birth control, children, and much more. A great wedding gift. No better gift could be given a young couple than to turn them away from contraception and to the joy of unrestricted self-giving.

Sexual Wisdom
Marriage Packet
English Pamphlet Packet
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Recursos b谩sicos para ayudar a la comunidad hispana evitan el da帽o de la anticoncepci贸n y se apropian las bendici贸nes de la vida casada totalmente abierta a la vida y al amor.

The spiritual struggle of removing contraceptives and sterilization from medical practice. Also the damage (physical, emotional, and relational) from contraception, and the corresponding benefits from Natural Family Planning.

El esfuerzo espiritual de remover los anticonceptivos y la esterilizaci贸n de pr谩ctica medical, y el da帽o (f铆sico, emocional y a la relaci贸n de la pareja) de los anticonceptivos, y los beneficios correspondientes a la Planificaci贸n Natural de la Familia.
Paquete en espa帽ol
The Pill vs. NFP
La Pildora vs. la PNF
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One More Souls Natural Family Planning Packet is a great "primer" on the harm caused by contraception and the great alternatives that are available through Natural Family Planning.

The One More Soul Booklet Packet contains one each of the booklets published by One More Soul covering topics such as contraception, breast cancer, teen abstinence, and Natural Family Planning

Due to the dominance of contraception,  reproductive medicine has fallen years behind available research in providing the most effective health care with the least harm to patients. On December 8, 2001 some of the best thinkers on this topic gathered at Ann Arbor, MI. The talks from this seminar are presented here. Reproductions of the slides, graphs, and other visuals from the talks are included.
Natural Family Planning Packet
One More Soul Booklets Packet
Rethinking Reproductive Medicine
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unanimous Christian rejection of contraception broke down in 1930, leading to the disastrous sexual revolution

How light during sleeping hours can affect a woman's fertility and influence miscarriage. the information helps women's NFP patterns in all types of cycles, and in all reproductive circumstances.

Perceiving the Contraception Connection a Catholic priest encourages people to reject contraception and to practice natural family planning.
Birth Control and Christian Discipleship
Effects of Light on the Menstrual Cycle and Fertility
Perceiving the Contraception Connection
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