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Natural Family Planning is a marvelous resource God has built into our bodies. It allows couples to use their human wisdom in cooperation with God and to build their families in a loving and responsible way. Couples who use NFP testify how it enhances their love for one another and helps them base their lives on what really matters.

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The One More Soul Booklet Packet contains one each of the booklets published by One More Soul covering topics such as contraception, breast cancer, teen abstinence, and Natural Family Planning

Recursos b谩sicos para ayudar a la comunidad hispana evitan el da帽o de la anticoncepci贸n y se apropian las bendici贸nes de la vida casada totalmente abierta a la vida y al amor.

Todos nuestros se帽aladores y folletos para los j贸venes en espa帽ol, junto con un CD, y un librito.
One More Soul Booklets Packet
Paquete en espa帽ol
Paquete para Jovenes
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Un gran regalo de bodas, fuente para preparaci贸n matrimonial, etc. No hay un mejor regalo que pueda ser dado a una pareja joven que se quiera alejar de la anticoncepci贸n y se quiera acercar a la alegria de darse el uno al otro mutuamente sin restricciones. El paquete originalmente cuesta.

Perceiving the Contraception Connection a Catholic priest encourages people to reject contraception and to practice natural family planning.

La historia de lo que la Iglesia Cat贸lica ense帽a sobre la PFN, ofrece recursos que los c贸nyuges pueden usar para obtener m谩s informaci贸n y demuestra por qu茅 el enfoque natural del goce del don de la sexualidad respeta la vida.
Paquete para Matrimonio
Perceiving the Contraception Connection
Planificacion Familiar Natural Un enfoque catolico
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Price: $4.99

En t茅rminos pr谩cticos, el uso generalizado de los anticonceptivos ha llevado directamente a un aumento masivo del divorcio y el aborto. La uni贸n intima y el anhelo de fertilidad se escriben f铆sicamente en la estructura de las relaciones sexuales, y al eliminar uno de estos aspectos se afecta la relaci贸n matrimonial.

En t茅rminos pr谩cticos, el uso generalizado de la anticoncepci贸n ha llevado directamente a un aumento masivo del divorcio y el aborto. La uni贸n personal y el anhelo de la fertilidad se escriben f铆sicamente en la estructura de las relaciones sexuales, y cancelar uno de estos aspectos da帽a toda la relaci贸n de pareja.

Hay pasos pr谩cticos y que se pueden trabajar para recuperar la vida desbordante que Dios desea para nosotros. La charla de Stephen Patton "Porque Importa la Anticoncepci贸n" esta disponible aqui para que la escuchen gratis! <a href="">Leela!</a>

An assortment of 18 pamphlets and CD-"True Love...How Will I Know", which share the beauty of God's plan for love, marriage, sex, and family.
Porque importa la Anticoncepcion
Porque importa la Anticoncepcion (mp3)
Pregnancy Help Center Packet
Price: $2.00

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Price: $6.00

In compelling, understandable language, the author describes the many ways that Natural Family Planning supports and enhances marriage. For couples who are reluctant to try NFP, he also answers many objections raised by people who are attracted to using contraception.

La Doctora Ann Moell le diga a sus pacientes de su coraz贸n porqu茅 ella elige no prescribir los anticonceptivos para ellos

A Catholic wife and mother describes the wonderful outcomes when she switched from "picking and choosing" among the Church's teachings to wholehearted acceptance. She also gives practical pointers for helping other people in her situation.
Pure Intimacy
Que Sabe Ud. Acerca del Control de la Natalidad?
Reaching the Cafeteria Catholic (mp3)
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Reaching the Cafeteria Catholic


Due to the dominance of contraception,  reproductive medicine has fallen years behind available research in providing the most effective health care with the least harm to patients. On December 8, 2001 some of the best thinkers on this topic gathered at Ann Arbor, MI. The talks from this seminar are presented here. Reproductions of the slides, graphs, and other visuals from the talks are included.
Reaching the Cafeteria Catholic - CD
Reaching the Cafeteria Catholic - set
Rethinking Reproductive Medicine
Price: $2.00

Price: $2.50

Price: $10.95

Rome Sweet Home is the conversion story of Scott and Kimberly Hahn. Learn the joys and struggles faced by two devout Protestants as they each converted to Catholicism.

How contraception drives societies into the Culture of Death while chastity, <em>by the simple action of human nature</em>, produces the civilization of love <a href=";product_id=688">View larger version</a>.

Surely one of the finest books on marriage and sexual morality that I have read
Rome Sweet Home
Roots of The Problem poster
Sex and the Marriage Covenant
Price: $15.95

Price: $2.00

Price: $17.95

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