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Educational resources authored by medical profesionals.

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Due to the dominance of contraception,  reproductive medicine has fallen years behind available research in providing the most effective health care with the least harm to patients. On December 8, 2001 some of the best thinkers on this topic gathered at Ann Arbor, MI. The talks from this seminar are presented here. Reproductions of the slides, graphs, and other visuals from the talks are included.

20 couples, who chose sterilization, tell how they received the grace to get sterilization reversals.

An introduction to Natural Family Planning, including medical background, spiritual context, and experiences of NFP users.
Rethinking Reproductive Medicine
Sterilization Reversal - A Generous Act of Love
Introduction to Natural Family Planning (DVD)
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Materials for understanding the issues of sterilization and sterilization reversal and for encouraging sterilized couples to seek a reversal.

 Frente a la problemática actual de un ambiente agresivo que tiende a acabar con las diferencias, la autora recuerda porque qué las normas y los límites son fundamentales,  porque es más provechoso para un chico jugar al aire libre que dedicarle horas

Dr. Evelyn Billings, with her husband, John, refined the Ovulation Method now used all over the world. In this book she describes in detail how to use the Billings method and its scientific basis. Today there are over a million copies in print in 22 languages.
Sterilization Reversal Packet
100% Chicos 7 claves para que crezcan sanos y felices
The Billings Method
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A compilation of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, psychology and other information useful for the practice of NaproTechnology.
Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology
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