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Instructions and tools for moms guiding a young woman through the "Daughters Forever, Sons Forever" sexuality education program, including study assignments, background material for each lesson, reflection questions, and a variety of tools for starting discussion of the material with one's daughter. CD"S & DVD's also

Study guide for a young man following the "Daughters Forever, Sons Forever" program, including assignments for reading and listening to talks, content and reflection questions, and a variety of ways to start discussing the material with one's father.

In our age there are two  great cultures at war with each other. St Augustine, in his time, called them the City of God and the City of Man. Pope John Paul II called them the Culture of Life and the Culture of Death. In this booklet, Bishop Galeone illustrates these two by describing some of their most famous citizens. The he calls us to choose: life or death!
Daughters Forever Sons Forever: A Study Guide for Moms
Daughters Forever Sons Forever: A Study Guide for Sons
Death or Life: The Choice Is Ours
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What happens when countries comprising 80% of the world's economy have plummeting population numbers

Economists, sociologists, psychologists, civic and religious leaders and diplomats. Together they reveal in chilling soberness the dangers facing society and the world's economies from decreasing population, danger far more imminent than global warming and at least as severe.

The pressure on Catholic medical institutions and health care workers is at an alarming rate as they struggle to uphold their faith in an industry that is confronting bioethical dilemmas every year.
Demographic Bomb
Demographic Winter - the decline of the human family
Diagnosis Critical: The Urgent Threats Confronting Catholic Health Care
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In Discontinuing Contraceptives in Your Pharmacy: One Pharmacist's Insights, a pharmacist describes his decision to stop dispensing contraceptives because of their harmful effects on women and their abortive action.

A graph and table of historical events showing the how the rise of divorce mirrors the rise in the use of contraception.

From a Bible-oriented Christian background and wide ranging knowledge of the subject, the author examines the topic of The Pill and Abortions with logic and honesty.
Discontinuing Contraceptives in Your Pharmacy: One Pharmacist’s Insights
Divorce graph and table
Does The Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?
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A handy way to make a donation to One More Soul on line.

God intervenes and works within us each day to guide us and fulfill His ultimate plan. Unseen through our eyes, God remains ever-present.

A bookmark that affirms the eternal value of each child.
Drafted To Serve: Pope John Paul ll, A Saint
Each child is sent into this world…
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How light during sleeping hours can affect a woman's fertility and influence miscarriage. the information helps women's NFP patterns in all types of cycles, and in all reproductive circumstances.

Este documental maravilloso en DVD sigue la vida de Santa. Gianna Beretta Molla, una esposa del siglo XX, madre, y médico, que vivió una vida de devoción plena a su marido, a la familia, y a los pacientes, y luego dió su vida para que la hija que llevaba en su vientre pudiera vivir. Ahora canonizada como una santa católica, ella es un ejemplo brillante de una mujer siendo todo lo que ella puede ser. Este video cuenta la historia de Gianna simple y hermosamente e incluye muchos cortometrajes de la santa, así como entrevistas con su marido y sus hijos.

Los obispos de los E.E.U.U. explican cómo es el plan de Dios para el amor matrimonial, " es más rico y más satisfactorio" que el enfoque general tomado por nuestra cultura.
Effects of Light on the Menstrual Cycle and Fertility
El amor es una elección
El amor matrimonial
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Este es el manual de la LPP que explica cόmo utilizar el Método Sintotérmico de  PNF. Esta nueva edición está hecha en un formato de letra grande que resulta más fácil de leer y entender. Contiene información ampliada sobre la lactancia ecológica y el regreso de la fertilidad después del parto. Incluye el Manual de Aplicaciones Prácticas.
320 páginas

El Matrimonio es para Siempre  Los Fundamentos del Matrimonio Cristiano

Un resumen corto excelente  del método Billings de Planificación Natural de la Familia
El Arte de la Planificacion Natural de la Familia
El Matrimonio es para Siempre
El Metodo Billings de la Ovulación
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