Contraception: Why Not – Testimonials

This article contains testimonials from people who heard Dr. Smith’s lecture “Contraception: Why Not” and were powerfully touched.

Fr. Tom: My name is Fr. Tom Hennessey. I’m in the Diocese of Atlanta, Georgia. The first time I heard about the tape by Janet E. Smith (“Contraception: Why Not”) was when I was in the seminary. I received it in the mail; all the seminarians did.* We started listening to it; it was so phenomenal, just an incredible tape! It clearly talked about why contraception is wrong and it was wonderful to hear that. She does it in such a simple and good way that almost anybody could listen to that tape, especially any of these people who are very anti the Church’s teaching. Now the priests in Atlanta and I order boxes of these tapes.

I do marriage preparation and I give the tapes to couples all the time. People really get so much out of it. They love it! It’s really brought them into an understanding of the Church’s teaching, and they start to practice the Faith in more vivid ways.

I also do work with young adults and have a young adult’s group here (at Holy Spirit Parish). The group has about thirty-five to forty young adults in their mid-twenties and late twenties. I started teaching moral theology to them, and I gave out tapes. I gave each one of them a copy of the tape. I thought they would need to know what the Church teaches on contraception, because most of these young people will choose the vocation of marriage. They need to know what the Church teaches and why.

I also gave the tape to quite a few young men. Because of this tape, they have really had a major conversion in their lives. One of these young men decided to enter the seminary because this tape really called him to conversion. He also had a roommate, a good friend of his, who was, I think, just living a basic secular life, not really believing what the Church taught. After giving him this tape, he is now thinking also about a conversion and also thinking about studying for the priesthood. His mind is open to it now. He sees the Church so clearly teaching this doctrine on the immorality of contraception.

Some people I can’t meet and I can’t get in touch with because I’m a priest. This one friend of mine, who is now studying for the priesthood, goes to parties with friends of his. He hands these tapes out at parties. It’s so funny because these people are generally not living their faith. Suddenly, they have this tape in their hands, and it becomes a major point of discussion. For me, as a priest, it can seem like I’m just pushing the Church’s teaching. But if, just as a friend, you hand out this tape, it becomes a sense of, “Well, that’s really interesting, I never knew that.” It brings people to conversion. Hopefully, what it has done, I see, is bring them to understanding their faith. They really believe in the Church’s teaching in a clear way. I see this tape as a real gift of God. I see the conversions that it’s bringing about, and the radical changes of life these people have made, mainly because of this tape and the grace of God. That’s basically the story.

Steve: Thanks, Fr. Tom, thank you very much!!

*Through the generosity of Professor Janet Smith and One More Soul benefactors, “Contraception: Why Not” audio tape are available FREE to all seminarians.

What People Say About “Contraception: Why Not”

Everybody needs to hear “Contraception: Why Not.” I’ve heard conversion stories of people’s lives being changed after listening to this tape.

Mary Pat Van Epps
Natural Family Planning Center
Diocese of Memphis

I just wanted to let you know how well received “Contraception: Why Not” has been in our parish. Never have I encountered such a powerful instrument of communicating the truth. Your tape has been the cause of MANY, MANY conversions. I have never seen such a radical response like this to anything I have ever used. A real revolution has begun. A revolution of truth. “Contraception: Why Not” can’t be more highly recommended. I would strongly urge everyone to possess themselves of this powerful message. It will knock your socks off!

Gilbert Garza
Director, Parish Evangelization
St. Matthew Catholic Church
San Antonio, TX

This tape is very informative and she delivers the message in a convincing and loving manner. I plan to order more copies soon.

Indiana, PA

I received the tapes “Contraception: Why Not” by Janet Smith and have been passing them around to priests, doctors, lawyers, marriage prep sponsors and anyone open to listening to the tape. I myself have listened to the tape at least ten times on my way to work…It is a ‘must hear or must see’ tape for anyone who claims to love the Catholic Church and its teaching.

Rose Mary Barrera, RN, BSN
NFP Diocesan Coordinator
Diocese of El Paso, TX

I enjoyed the tape by Janet Smith very much. I wish I would have had it to distribute to couples when I was a pastor. Even though I am now a seminary rector, I still periodically prepare couples for marriage and will surely distribute the tape to them. And, of course, I will encourage our seminarians to do so also when they go forth from here as priests.

Fr. Kevin C. Rhoades
Rector, Mount Saint Mary’s Seminary
Emmitsburg, MD

Thank you so very much for sending the video, cassettes, etc. You are so right in that “Contraception: Why Not” is so powerful! I just don’t see how any thinking individual can argue with Prof. Janet Smith. Her logic and positions are rock solid. Thank you so very much for the crucial work you’ve undertaken!

Cashton, WI

Thank you for this extraordinary tape. -It is a full course in one tape.

Fr. John Oldfield, OAR
Tagaste Monastery
Suffern, NY

I have been a Catholic all my life. Our church did not impress upon me the evils of birth control… I’m sorry to admit I was using the pill. I’ve completely been changed, we now have three terrific children living with us, and also have three children in heaven. Thank you so much for your tape “Contraception: Why Not.” Janet Smith speaks the truth.

Pardeeville, WI

How can I thank you and One More Soul enough for the generous gift of 140 tapes of Dr. Janet Smith for the entire College. …you may never know the good you did in getting this in the hands of future priests from across the country.

David Toups
Pontifical North American College
The Vatican

I did listen to the tape [“Contraception: Why Not”] and found Dr. Smith’s presentation very effective.

Most Reverend Daniel E. Pilarczyk
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Thank you so very much for the generous gift of the tapes of Dr. Janet Smith’s “Contraception: Why Not.” We received them just in time to distribute them to our students as they left for their summer pastoral assignments. Many no doubt listened to the tape as they drove to their home dioceses.

Very Reverend Douglas L. Mosey, C.S.B.
Holy Apostles College and Seminary
Crowell, CT