Self Regional Healthcare/Greenwood Family Practice. Greenwood, SC. FP


by Jennifer Althoff

I interviewed here in September 2004 and will most likely end up at this residency. I believe my stance on contraception made me a more attractive candidate in their eyes since they saw that I had moral beliefs that I stick to. Two to three members of the faculty do not prescribe IUDs or the mini-pill due to their well-known abortifacient effects. Many residents and faculty will not prescribe contraception to unmarried patients. Before you begin your residency, you are able to write down the things you do not want to participate in because of moral beliefs and they will be respected. The environment is very friendly and very Christian. I spoke with many residents about my stance and they were all very positive, saying I definitely would be accepted. I even had 2 residents e-mailing me after my interview, wanting to discuss and explore the topic even more, as they were wrestling with this in their own faith lives. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND INTERVIEWING HERE!—- 28 Feb 2005

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