Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System. Spartanburg, SC. FP


by Jennifer Althoff

I did a rotation here in November 2004 and interviewed with them at the same time. This residency is considered the most “liberal” of all the FP residencies in the upstate of South Carolina. Dr. Baughman, the director, at first told me that I would not fit here because of my “conservative” beliefs, but after talking with me more he told me to ask the residents and faculty, with whom I would work everyday, to see if they would be accommodating to it. I found one intern who did not wish to prescribe contraception, but had not yet had a situation in which he would be faced with doing so. A few other residents say they would not prescribe the mini-pill or IUDs. The faculty is diverse, with at least 2 devout Christians who would be respectful. I received a follow up letter saying he spoke with the OB faculty who said they would accommodate for me, and Dr. Baughman also assured me of his support. He is very focused on the psyche/well-being of his residents and “open-mindedness”, and although my beliefs are very opposite from his, he wanted to remain “open-minded” even about my “conservative” beliefs. —-, 28 Feb 2005

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