University of Florida (Pensacola). Pensacola, FL. Ob/Gyn


by Kyle Beiter

I interviewed at Pensacola for OBGYN in 1/2004. The hospital “officially” Catholic teachings (like so many others). No abortions or sterilizations here. However, the resident clinic is broken into 2 parts. One is affiliated with the hospital (and supposedly no contraception is given out here). However, right across the sidewalk is a secular clinic, also run by the residents, where patients are sent if they want contraception, abortion counseling, etc. During the interview, I told only the director (Clyde Dorr) my ethics and beliefs and he said he would support me. The residents do get the highest volume of surgical experience of any program I’ve seen. The bottom line is that I think an OB residency here is possible, but will have struggles. Please contact me if you have questions.

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