Another great reversal story

I just saw your ad on the One More Soul website. I had a tubal reversal about 4 1/2 years ago after getting a tubal ligation back in 1982. As I was reading on the internet about how it was considered a sin to have a tubal ligation, I felt convicted and wanted to UNdo the sin I felt I’d committed and try to give back to God what I felt I had taken away from Him – control over my womb. I wondered how many babies I might have had, had I not done that in the first place and I had always regretted it but never had the funds to reverse it.

Somehow I was led to a Christian doctor who did reversals for no pay – just because he felt it was his service to God. His practice was in Jackson, Tennessee and his name was Dr. John Curlin. He charged nothing for the surgery as he says he feels it is his ministry to God in helping women put back their tubes the way they were so that God is once again in control of the womb. I went in in the morning and left the next day, I believe, and the only charge we had was from the hospital – approximately $3,500, and that covered everything: operating room, anesthesia, labs, etc. I think he had a website and the name of his clinic was the Jackson Clinic. His number was 1-731-422-0223.

I truly felt blessed when I found out a month later that I was pregnant, and at 41 years old and after being told by other doctors that I would never be able to conceive even if I got a reversal. I didn’t care. I wanted a baby, but I wanted even more just to put things back into God’s hands to help make up for what I’d done. It’s too bad that I never was taught about how wrong it was. I was raised protestant, now converted to Catholicism and never been happier! That’s pretty much my story.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.

Peace In Christ,