The Pain of Vasectomy-Desperation for Reversal

Hi! I would like to encourage anyone out there considering
sterilization to trust God with your family size. I really believe He
will not give you more than you can handle. I don’t think I’ve ever
heard anyone say “I really wish we wouldn’t have had so many kids”,
but I have heard many people cry over not having as many as they’d
hoped for, myself included. My husband and I have five beautiful
children, ages 6-14 this year. My husband had a vasectomy
6 years ago, two weeks before our 5th child was born. He felt
overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for and, especially,
providing for 5 children. Other birth control was not an option for
us, due to various reasons, including the fact that I knew that birth
control pills and IUDs could allow you to become pregnant and then
kill off the pregnancy. I got pregnant very easily, and couldn’t give
my husband an answer as to how we could support more children, and so
I went along with the vasectomy. I felt sick waiting for the
procedure to be done, sitting there 8 1/2 months pregnant, but I felt
guilty for wanting more when we couldn’t afford it. Our whole family
felt that we should be done and nobody has been able to understand my
heartache at not having more. It has been six years and I have been
struggling more every day, feeling that a part of my heart has been
ripped out. It has put pressure on our marriage and has made it a
struggle for me to enjoy anything. We have decided to get a reversal,
but it has been a couple of years and we still haven’t managed to
save up for the tremendous cost. The older I get (I’ll be 33 this
year), the more I feel something has been taken from me. I know God
will work things out for us in some way, but the pain sometimes feels
unbearable. Save yourself the heartache and trust God with your
family size. If you’ve already had sterilization done and you’ve been
able to find peace, please pass along any helpful advice. I’ve been
seeking God’s help, but still feel lost.

Has anyone else waited years for a reversal? If so, how did you make
it through? Also, if anyone knows of a good christian doctor in
Michigan who does reversals for a good price, please pass that along
as well. Thanks and God bless!


After sending you the follow up to the story about our vasectomy
reversal, I have news. My husband came back from a business trip and said he thought about it and didn’t see any reason other than his own selfishness to be closed to life so….the first month he opened himself to life, I find out that I am pregnant with number six!!! If this isn’t proof of the power of prayer I don’t know what is.

Thanks for putting my story on the web-site and please pray for our
new baby’s safety!