Abstinence America Founder Challenges Parents

MEDIA ADVISORY, Oct. 18 /Christian Newswire/ — Mike Goss, President and founder of Abstinence America, is challenging parents to recognize the power they have to influence their children and to use that influence to help kids avoid the devastating consequences of early sexual experimentation. Goss has spent the last seven years talking to more than 30,000 young people about character, responsibility, relationship intelligence and smart sexual choices. Now he is speaking to their parents. He is launching a new program called Sex-Ed for Parents.

Goss says, “If we are going to change these numbers, – 900,000 teen pregnancies and six million cases of sexually transmitted disease — parents must be equipped, motivated and ready to engage kids in meaningful dialogue about sex.”

Research demonstrates that when it comes to sex, kids still rely most heavily on the advice of their parents, but unfortunately many parents don’t know where to start, what to say or how to communicate effectively with kids. That’s where Goss comes in. He sees his role as a trusted delegate coming along side to guide and educate, but acknowledging the parents’ role as the primary authority.

Sex-EdforParents.org. is a video web blog that offers parents a free membership where they can receive videos and an e-newsletter with up-to-date news in the world of adolescent sexuality as well as age appropriate resources to help jumpstart the conversation with kids from elementary age through college.

Goss will soon be introducing another revolutionary communications resource . “This is a whole new approach to sexuality education and it surpasses anything that has been done before,” says Goss. Parents who are looking for help will now have an extraordinary resource.”

Mike Goss has talked to more than 30,000 students in the last seven years, teaching them to make smart sexual choices. Abstinence America, a non-profit corporation, has been established as the undisputed leader in the Houston Metropolitan area in character-based sex education. Students have written Mike over 1,000 letters validating the impact of his work.

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