Over one million signatures supporting life sent to Spanish government


Madrid, Spain, Feb 17, 2010 / 02:59 pm (CNA).- This week, Spanish pro-life organizations delivered more than one million signatures to their country’s government supporting life and opposing Spain’s new law on abortion.  The petition predicts that the new law “will only bring more death and suffering to thousands of women.”

A total of 1,067,315 people signed the petition against “all laws allowing abortion.” After government officials Jose Bono and Teresa Cunillera refused to accept the signatures, they were delivered to the Deputy Speakers of Congress, Jorge Fernandez Diaz  and Ana Pastor.

The signatures were gathered throughout Spain between April 2009 and January 2010.  The petition in part reads:

“Abortion always constitutes the violent death of a human being and a terrible tragedy for the woman who experiences it, forced by their circumstances.

“The Spanish law abandons women in their time of need and pushes them to obtain abortions.  All ‘abortion laws’ are a terrible hypocrisy against women, as well as an atrocious injustice to the children they leave unprotected.

“In Spain there is no information or social aid for women in troubled pregnancies, but there is financing to obtain abortions.  Now the government seeks to establish the legal means for more abortions to occur, leaving women even more alone, despite the physical and psychological harm that abortions cause. More abortions mean less protection of life and more insecurity for women.  For this reason, we demand that our laws protect the right to life and motherhood, protecting life in every stage and circumstance and helping pregnant women to overcome whatever problems the unplanned pregnancy may bring.

“At the same time, we oppose the new law on abortion, which will only bring more death and suffering to thousands of women.”