Repeat abortions = birth control?

by Charlie Butts


Teenage girls in Britain appear to be using abortion as a form of contraception. Statistics show teenagers are having repeat abortions, some as many as four by the age of 18. One reported case involved a teen having an eighth abortion.

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg for them because so many of those young women will suffer from what’s called ‘post-abortion stress’ and will have some serious problems emotionally and physically in their future,” says Leslee Unruh, head of the National Abstinence Clearing House.

Some of those problems include later difficulty with becoming pregnant, safely carrying the baby to term, and suffering a higher risk of breast cancer. In addition to that, the suicide rate after one abortion is high.

“These young women are involving themselves emotionally, buying the lie of sex and lust and not love, and not getting a love message,” notes Unruh. “There’s so much more than the physical, and we need to start teaching young men and woman about love versus lust.”

One of the chief criticisms of Planned Parenthood’s “safe-sex” education program is that it encourages children to become intimate, provided it is followed through responsibly. That effort deems abstinence programs ineffective, despite the fact those programs prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases altogether.