Sarah Palin’s Daughter Bristol On Her Chastity Vow: It’s a Realistic Goal


(via In her first interview with Oprah Winfrey, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol opened up about her decision to wait until she’s married to have sex.

“I think it’s a goal to have and other women should have that goal,” Bristol said. “It’s a realistic goal for myself.”

Sarah has faith that Bristol, who is the mother to a 13-month-old son, can fulfill that vow.

“I believe her,” she says. “She’s a strong independent woman who can do this. She’s committed to this. ”

But Bristol admits being a single mother is no walk in the park, describing the day she broke down in tears when her son Tripp wouldn’t stop crying.

“I have this big supportive family, but I felt so alone,” she tells Oprah of that day. “Reality sunk in, that I have a kid, this is my life, my full-time job.”

Meanwhile, Sarah also spoke about her new TV gig for FOX news, not denying she might throw her hat back in the political race.

“I’m not closing any door that may be I find opened in the future,” she says. “Thankfully FOX has allowed me to leave that door open.”