Stillborn baby declared ‘dead’ revives 25 minutes later, now 3 months old

by One More Soul Staff

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BY PETER BAKLINSKI, Tue Jun 10, 2014

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, June 10, 2014 ( – Robin Cyr, 34, was experiencing a birthing mother’s worst possible nightmare. Her baby girl who had done so well during nine months of pregnancy was, after a painful and complicated labor, stillborn.

The tiny baby had been officially declared dead after laying motionless for 25 minutes in the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Robin laid in bed, heartbroken that her baby was gone.

But then something utterly unexpected happened.
Excited nurses came rushing back into the room, breathlessly announcing that the baby had started breathing again.
“Another nurse came over, two minutes later. … She couldn’t talk. She was speechless, and another nurse came over and said, ‘Your baby’s breathing,’” Robin said, reported Metro Halifax.
Doctors could give the mother no explanation for the baby’s recovery.

“He said it’s a miracle,” Robin recounted. “He said, ‘I’m very sorry I gave up on your baby when I did, because I turned around and she’s breathing on her own.”

Now three months later, Robin says that her little Mireya is “doing everything on time.”
“She holds her head up, she turns to your voice, she smiles,” she told Metro Halifax last week.
Robin’s aunt Pearleen Shephard believes that God was in the delivery room that day.

“It’s a miracle, and God is doing his work,” she said. “The doctors took their hands off her. They called it. She was gone. So she truly, truly is a miracle.”