Listening to Your Body


By John Littell MD

Each day I have the pleasure of visiting with many wonderful people who have a wide variety of issues and concerns I make it clear to all of them that my ultimate goal as their physician is to ensure that they see me as little as possible in my office; much better that we meet each other at church or the grocery store. The fact is that people typically do not need a physician in order to achieve wellness, and all too often I find myself undoing the damages done to patients by other, well-meaning physicians. For women, being healthy means first and foremost that the natural levels of hormones are allowed to function in their bodies. Altering that normal hormonal mix brings a host of unintended consequences, with real, long-term, and adverse effects on the brain (strokes, depression), the bloodstream (blood clots and heart disease), breast tissue (cancer), and bones (osteoporosis), as well as the cervix (cancer). Most, if not all, of these illnesses are due to unrecognized deficiencies in key vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, vitamin B12, and magnesium, brought on by the use of the artificial steroids found in contraceptives.

In encouraging women to listen to their bodies and maintain a normal balance of hormones by avoiding contraceptives, some have accused me of forcing my moral viewpoint on my patients, as if giving advice for optimal health is moralizing. I have even been accused of being “judgmental” while counseling patients about human sexuality. Yet, if encouraging women to become healthy by listening to their bodies and letting themselves observe the laws of nature is considered “moralizing” or being “judgmental,” then I am guilty as charged. Women have become accustomed to allowing those of us in the medical profession to alter the normal so as to create a better “product,” both for their presumed benefit as well as for the alleged greater good of society. And in so doing, normal processes such as fertility are now viewed as pathology, while the abnormal (e.g., eliminating the menstrual period altogether) has become the norm, even the goal of medicine. Making the normal the abnormal is neither healthy nor natural.

Day in and day out, I see women whose systems and often lives, have been thrown out of balance by a forced “chemical divorce” from their natural, normal selves.


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