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Dear Friends of One More Soul,

The election of Donald Trump and the potential for radical cultural change that he envisions gives me great joy. I firmly believe that God has blessed America in a very unique way.

I praise Him in the Trinity—Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. And I so appreciate that our common Mother Mary pled for the mercy that provides us the opportunity to skewer the Culture of Death and raise up a resurgent Culture of Life.

With this end-of-year One More Soul Newsletter, we are inviting, encouraging and begging for a unification of Church, State and Healthcare in a common goal of doing what is right. What is right, you may ask. The answer is found in the Our Father that Jesus taught us many years ago—

Thy will be done.

Embrace opportunities to explain Truth with Love—the Truth of the Commandments and the Love Jesus has for everyone. Let us be as bold and courageous as President-Elect Trump was when he decided to run for President without any prior experience inside government, and then pursue that unlikely dream through mountains of media ridicule, ferocious attack from opponents left and right,his own weaknesses and obvious mistakes.

WE TOO MUST BE BOLD in following God’s will!

I believe that in writing this OMS Newsletter I am following God’s will with a broad focus on the Quest for a Culture of Life in America —the title of my Tuesday Noon ET Radio Maria USA Program, which I invite you to join by tuning to

Please rest assured that One More Soul’s fundamental mission remains to convince everyone that:
a) children are a blessing—the supreme blessing to marriage and all the world, and

b) contraception is the root cause for abortion, and marital unhappiness that often leads to divorce.

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Thank you for your generosity. May God continue to bless America and each of us!



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