What Elon Musk said about Birth Control?

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla and SpaceX, has made comments on the past about how abortion and birth control will lead to the “collapse of the civilization”.

In a recent tweet Musk commented that birth control will make you fat, depressed and lead to suicide.

The conversation got started when Ashley St. Clair tweeted

“Doctors hardly, if ever, advise women that it may be their birth control making them depressed or even suicidal, despite documented risk of both on the pill. Instead, doctors prescribe an anti-depressant and tell them this pharmaceutical cocktail will solve their problems.”

Elon Musk, quickly replied: 

Wow, I just searched medical research papers and it turns out that birth control meds triple the risk of suicide!! I never heard that before you posted.”

According to the CDC in the United States almost 30 million women use hormonal contraception. Many young girls are put on potent hormonal steroids pills and patches for painful periods, heavy bleeding, and even for acne.

Mr. Musk tweet got multiple responses including women sharing their own stories. Abby Johnson, a prolife leader and former Planned Parenthood clinic director responded: “Hormonal birth control gave me pseudotumor cerebri, which causes debilitating headaches and if untreated, blindness,” she wrote. “I will have to be on medication for my entire life or otherwise lose my sight.”

In our brochure Health Problems Associated with Hormonal Birth Control four doctors explain how birth control increases the risk of suicide, causes changes in healthy body metabolism, cause heart issues, and increase the risk of breast and other types of cancer.

Our goal is to educate many women, men, and even Musk about the risks of hormonal birth control and safe, healthy, and morally acceptable alternatives. It will be awesome to get Mr. Musk on our list of donors. Do you agree?

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