Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill

By Dr. Chris Kahlenborn

Based on six years of study and a meticulous analysis of hundreds of scientific papers and other sources, Dr. Chris Kahlenborn documents the effect that abortion and hormonal contraception have on breast cancer, as well as uterine, cervical, liver, and other cancers, and even the transmission of AIDS! Hormonal contraceptive use before first full term pregnancy is found to increase risk of breast cancer by at least 40%. The book gives special attention to black women, to various populations of the world, and to effective steps for prevention. This is a very timely and powerful work.

The book is available for download (file size 1MB. It has been optimized to reduce the file size).
You can also purchase a hard copy, see link below.

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Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill

2 Responses to “Breast Cancer, Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill”

  1. Ljscalzo says:

    Hi this is Dr Lawrence Scalzo DO, BCFP, I know that this timely book by Dr Chris Kahlenborn will help people realize the evil of abortion and the pill, but sadly the mainstream media and other secular outlets will manipulate the data of false studies to refute or cancel these results so the pill and abortion can continue it’s evil mental, health, and soul effects on woman, marriages etc. I know that when I speak of the bad affects of abortion, the pill, vasectomies, tubals and the iud, other Doctors will cite other studies saying it’s not true. I always say you can’t get by God’s laws. If He made the body to function in a healthy way and for its designed purpose, and you try to prevent that for selfish sinful reasons, you will be harmed, just like voting for a pro-abortion president like Obama, God will not bless our country, and you are a participant and will have to answer to God. God bless your work, I am a member of oms and nfp only. Dr Larry Scalzo D.O.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work Dr. Kahlenborn! Stay on your soap box! They can’t keep their hands over their ears forever. The result of contraception is affecting Russia, Europe, and Japan. They will lose their heritage forever because of their selfishness.

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