Anthropological and Methodical Differences of Natural Family Planning and Fertility Awareness–based Methods

In an article published by Linacre Quarterly in February 2021, the authors analyzed the differences between the terms natural family planning (NFP) and fertility awareness-based methods (FABM) in the scientific terminology and in the practical language of health policy. The article mostly concentrates on the World Health Organization’s definition of FAMB which includes recognizing the fertility cycle and using barrier methods to avoid a pregnancy.

Anthropological and methodological differences between NFP and FABM are presented. The authors of the article concluded that NFP can be used to avoid or achieve a pregnancy and it respects fertility. NFP users are open to the possibility of maternity. NFP is open to life and love.

In contrast, the use of contraception and FAMB does not require self-control, fertility may be suppressed, and the dignity of the individual may not be taken into account as the other person may be used for sexual gratification.

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