Boy, age 11, undergoing sex change??


Pray, pray very much!

An 11 year old boy in California has begun the process of “gender reassignment surgery.”

Thomas Lobel, who says he prefers to be called Tammy, is undergoing “controversial hormone blocking treatment” that will “stop him from experiencing puberty.”

And the not so shocking family circumstances of this confused little boy?

He has two mommies.

Yes, “Tammy” Lobel is being raised by lesbian parents, Debra Lobel and Pauline Moreno.

He has no father, no masculine influence, no male role model to bring him up as a man.

On top of that, his parents are neck deep in homosexual “pride” and “acceptance” — an anything goes culture.

“We live in the Bay area where lots of alternative lifestyles are in place…” Ms Moreno told reporters.
She and her “wife” claim they have no idea why their “daughter” is so confused, but it’s rather obvious what has happened to this poor child…

This boy is the tragic victim of a radical Homosexual Agenda bent on squashing any concept of the reality that is biological gender.

He was so confused by the distorted worldview his “new age” parents were constructing that he even tried to mutilate his own genitals in an attempt to become female!

I weep for Thomas and what he has gone through, and shudder to think of how much worse it will get.

It reminds me of the story of David Reimer.

David was born a male, but after a tragic accident that occurred during circumcision, his family decided to raise him as a girl.

His psychologist, John Money, reported this gender reassignment experiment a huge success and claimed it proved gender “fluidity.”

That there was no biological basis for gender differences, that it was just another aspect of your identity to be chosen, like hair color or clothing choice.
This evidence was wildly trumpeted by the Homosexual Lobby and their sympathizers in the media.

It’s still quoted to this day by those who seek to advance their own agenda while whitewashing the truth.

You see the truth in this case is an ugly thing…

Eventually, after living a short life plagued with confusion and severe depression, David Reimer killed himself.

Will this be the tragic future of Thomas Lobel, the boy who’s activist parents convinced him he is a “girl born in a boy’s body?”

When I see a horror like this, I am faced with two options…

…I can turn my face away from this darkness, give up and pretend that nothing is wrong in the world. It would be the easy thing to do.

…Or I can recommit myself to the fight, with renewed vigor, determined to restore the American family and prevent future David Reimers and Thomas Lobels from falling victim to the radical Homosexual Agenda.

There are not many in this country who are willing to stand up to the power of the Homosexual Lobby, to suffer their slings and arrows.

So I will.

You and I simply cannot allow them to win. The cost is too high.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States


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  1. Rachauil says:

    Very sad story. Informative article, but I suggest that you include information that a boy not having a father gives him a longing for a male bond which he is missing, and it can manifest itself sexually leading him to have same sex attraction. Thanks 

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