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From the Director

I am conflicted because I am FULL of JOY and SADNESS. Joy-filled for the pending birth of Jesus and the many blessings in my life—family, Faith, One More Soul, a slowly expanding Culture of Life—the list is endless. But my joy is tempered by sadness—also an endless list, including the growing Culture of Death. To say all I want to say would take many more pages than are available here.

I believe that One More Soul IS the leading edge of the Culture of Life. I have FAITH that more capable organizations will join us. I HOPE that what you find in this End-of-Year newsletter will warm your heart, challenge your thinking, and increase your pride in One More Soul as we step forward with new efforts to encourage new life.

Our cupboard is bare—REALLY bare. We really need your CHARITY. Please pray for us. Please order our resources and distribute them in your parish and at other opportunities. We have great materials to encourage purity and chastity, marriage and openness to children, and acceptance of God’s direction in our lives.

Thank you for your generosity. May God bless you, your family, and those who care for you.

I also have HOPE and FAITH that you will support us with your CHARITY. One More Soul is a charitable organization and tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code We are eligible to receive your tax-deductible contributions. Thanks!

Welcoming the Christ Child

Each Christmas we recall the birth of the Christ Child who came to dwell among us. At the same time the secular community enters a seasonal nostalgia of childhood in movies, plays, and productions. Although this is often for business purposes, it is an open door. Let’s seize that cultural moment of openness to children and joyfully promote the culture of life in simple, easy ways. First ask yourself, “What can I do to show my joy in the gift of children?” Well, how would you welcome the Christ Child? You’d smile, so smile at children and wave to them. Coo at babies; tell parents how beautiful their baby is. Encourage harried mothers with a good word and offer a helping hand, especially at the grocery.

Now look around, for nearly everyone of childbearing age is pressured by our culture to contracept. People simply don’t know the dreadful things contraceptives do to human bodies and relationships. How can you help? Sow seeds of truth and speak about the blessings of children. The light of your gentle witness is needed in our dark world. Build strong relationships with those around you and at the right moment, speak the truth in love. Our website has abundant life-affirming resources and OMS is glad to assist you in spreading truth.

Finally, look at organizations. Newspapers, churches, and schools offer wonderful opportunities to share the message that children are a gift and contraceptives cause harm. So whenever the newspaper runs a pro-contraceptive piece, write a rebuttal telling the truth. When the news reports the horror of a young mother abandoning or harming her child, write a letter recounting the supreme gift children are to all. Do what it takes to elect government officials who act according to truth, not whims. Support organizations such as Knights of Columbus and others who spread the message of life.

Mary Joseph Baby

Yes, the task can be huge but an old adage applies: “Inch by inch life is a cinch, yard by yard it’s very hard.” There are many of us, and we are able to do many good deeds large and small. Inch by inch, and smile by encouraging word, we can all impact those around us. Through the grace of God we can sow seeds of truth and transform our culture to once again value children. So smile, and welcome the Christ Child in our midst.

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