Family as Suicide Prevention

In a recent article published in the Institute of Family Studies, the author showed that marriage and especially parenthood reduce the suicide risk.  Jason Manning, Associate Professor of Sociology at West Virginia University, and author of Suicide: The Social Causes of Self-Destruction wrote: “For over a century, at least since the pioneering work of French sociologist Emile Durkheim, we have known that social bonds—or their absence—plays a crucial role in suicide.”

Some  highlights of the article:

  • In the US, the risk of suicide for separated or divorced people is near twice that for married


  • A study of a birth cohort of 1.5 million Swedes found that parenthood lowered suicide risk for

    both men and women, and that having two children lowered the risk more.

  • While abusive or dysfunctional relationships are dangerous, the evidence shows that the

    bonds of marriage and parenthood generally reduce the risk of suicide.

Read the complete article HERE


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