Fatherhood Begins in the Womb


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Abortion, no matter the race, is a tragic loss of beauty and potential that kills over 1.2 million innocent human lives each year. The abortion industry has created a culture of abandonment. Responsibility has become someone else’s concern, and death the solution to this serious character flaw. Men have been empowered by Roe v. Wade to abandon their primary responsibility–protecting. They’ve either chosen to run away from their role or have been forced out by a brand of liberal feminism that spews gender animus in an effort to elevate women. No one is elevated by 41% of all U.S. children being born to unmarried mothers. In the black community, 72.3% of all children are born in homes without fathers (compared to 35.7% of white children). Fatherlessness is epidemic in our culture.

Where are the Men?

Fatherhood begins in the womb and doesn’t end until you enter the tomb. President Obama forcefully declared, in a Father’s Day speech, that “fatherhood doesn’t end at conception.” There is no excuse for men who’ve chosen to have sex, to then choose to avoid any and all responsibility, when the natural result of sexual activity brings forth Life. Our government, too, has failed miserably in protecting the rights of fathers to exercise that responsibility by stripping away any ability to protect ones own unborn child. Every man is completely powerless, thanks to the anti-family, anti-life Roe v. Wade decision, to defend the life he is 50% responsible for biologically, emotionally, materially, and spiritually. The ideal is that 
children are born following marriage. The reality is that we’ve got a lot of healing, education, and mentoring to happen to get there. So even if marriage is not chosen, children STILL need their fathers!

The CDC reports nearly 84% of all abortions are attributed to unmarried womenGuttmacher, the Planned Parenthood-funded “research” arm, in typical fashion tries to distract from this staggering statistic by adding a few words. They add ‘co-habitating’ with the statistic to drive down the number, thus claiming: “53% of women having abortions are unmarried and cohabitating.”

The Consequences

An unborn child without a father’s presence is most likely to…die. Abortion has taken the place of fathers. This devastation of the absence of fathers doesn’t stop there. Cohabitation harms children, too.

“Compared to children living with married biological parents, those whose single parent had a live-in partner had more than 8 times the rate of maltreatment overall, over 10 times the rate of abuse, and nearly 8 times the rate of neglect.” –Administration of Children & Families, Dept. of Health & Human Services, pg. 12, “Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect”, 2010

Let’s dispel this myth that all families are equal. Every piece of evidence shows that they are not. Although many single parents bravely do all they can do to raise and love their children, the simple truth is that single-parenthood is not the best situation for our children, for our future. The majority of social science studies prove that traditional marriage, between a man and a woman, provide the most stable environment for a child economically, emotionally, educationally, physically, and spiritually. Yet, Planned Parenthood and its abortion allies, have to denigrate marriage in order to sell their number one service: abortion. Despite their namesake, they do little to nothing to promote family or parenthood. Their latest annual report uses the term ‘abortion’ 35 times, while never ONCE using the terms ‘mother’ or ‘father’…or ‘parenthood’. They depend upon the denigration of family to inject their life-killing venom into communities most vulnerable, especially our inner-cities.

“The marriage bed is the most degenerative influence in the social order—Quote from “The Woman Rebel” written by Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood


Children, without fathers in the home, are 5 times more likely to live in poverty than those raised by two married parents. Nearly one third of single female-led households live in poverty versus 16.9% of single male-led households and only 5.8% of two-parent married homes. Women are remarkable, resilient, and worthy of much praise for all they do. But single-parent led homes have not always been the norm. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 78% of all black households were led by two-parent married homes in the 1950s. In 1970, prior to Roe v. Wade, only 68% were. Today, only 28.7% of homes in the black community are led by married parents.  And fatherlessness is increasing in the majority population too, at a slower rate, but still putting children equally in danger through the abandonment or exclusion of much-needed fathers.

There are an incredible host of disparities and disastrous consequences of the breakdown of the family, especially in the black community. The CDC reports that infant mortality among children of unmarried women increases 78% compared to children in two-parent married homes. Children, without fathers in the homes, are twice as likely to drop out of school, at much higher risk of incarceration, drug use, teenage pregnancy, and continuing cycle of poverty.  Perpetual welfare (there isn’t a welfare bill that Planned Parenthood hasn’t lobbied for), population control efforts (via abortion and birth control policies), and personal behavior (heavily influenced by media and public education) have resulted in an environment that is, too often, toxic for our children.

We need our fathers. Mothers should never be left to play both roles.

The moment a child is conceived, a father is born. What will we do, as a society, to help stop this destructive trend of abandonment?

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