Fr John Hollowell’s sermon on sexuality

Summary of Fr John Hollowell’s sermon on sexuality

* We representatives of the Church have failed to talk about sexual issues either because we are embarrassed or because we lack the courage.

* Public school sex education focuses on fear of pregnancy or of STDs, with the cure to both being one form or another of contraception.

* The accusation is made that the Church is obsessed with sex. The fact is that we have the obsession with sex and the Church is trying to help us deal with this obsession.

* We are told that the Church teaches us to feel bad about sex. The fact is that in 31 years he has never heard a sermon about saving yourself for marriage, about the problems with sex before marriage, about the joys and beauty of sex in its proper place, or about contraception.

* He has, however, dealt with people in the confessional who are devastated by the effects of pre-marital sex. Sex before or outside of marriage is Satanic communion; it is a Satanic sacrilege.

* Cohabitation endangers you soul.

* Contraception is sexual bulimia. Sterilization and contraception take God’s offer to co-create human beings with God and say: thanks, pal, for the offer, but I have my own ideas in mind.

* He sees the pain all the time from these sins.

* When we seek sex for pleasure, we are using the other person.

* If you have had sex, it is possible to start over.

* It takes heroic virtue to be chaste in this world.

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