How Your Reproductive Choice Affects How Long You Are Going To Live


Depending on your reproductive choice you could die earlier than expected.

The Danish population study reported how the reproductive decision of over 1 million women affected their mortality rate over a period of 25 years.

In short:

  • One abortion = 45% increased risk of death.
  • Two abortions = 114% increased risk of death.
  • Three abortions = 191% increased risk of death.

How about if you decide to have babies.

  • Two babies = 83% lower risk of death compared with no births.

“The adverse effects of pregnancy loss may be attenuated by the protective effects of birth. ”

“The primary strengths of the study are the use of large scale population level data that includes reliable records on all possible reproductive outcomes and prospectively gathered data from different birth cohorts of women. The results of comprehensive studies of this nature offer more accurate information regarding mortality risks associated with reproductive outcomes than the data acquired by governmental agencies relying on information primarily garnered from death certificates.”


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