One More Baby for Jesus – Join Us!

by One More Soul Staff

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A Ministry of Forming Faithful Families a non-profit public charity under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Every baby is a magnificent treasure, an awe-inspiring gift, a precious gem! Is God calling you to take up this beautiful opportunity to trust Jesus, to triumph over this fear driven culture that is afraid of children, and to be open to having One More Baby for Jesus? Are you willing to live in the moment without suffering unnecessary anxiety about the future which you don’t control? God is truly in control.

Jesus tells us: “Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself” (Matthew 6:34, NABRE).
Be part of the antidote for the prevailing culture that tends to seriously undervalue life. We at One More Baby for Jesus are in awe of life! Join us!

By One More Baby for Jesus we don’t mean one last baby, but one more baby for now if God in His most perfect providence grants this remarkable gift.

We are creating awareness and bringing the Catholic Church’s beautiful and true teachings on openness to life and the sanctity of life down to a simple concrete application in the present moment which is really the only place we can ever act from, and that is to be supportive of, or earnestly discern being open to having One More Baby for Jesus. This is not an imposition, but the sharing of a gift, an invitation.

We want to help people to reflect upon the true breathtaking nature and value of a child versus the various, sometimes mediocre reasons, that often inhibit us from being open to new life.
Even setting theology aside for a moment, we are going to be audacious in countering the prevalent culture that is so afraid of life and say: if you are blessed with potential fertility, why not strongly consider being open to having another baby if God so blesses you? Go for it!
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