Parents refuse abortion and are blessed with miracle baby

by One More Soul Staff

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AUCKLAND, New Zealand, April 11, 2014 (  Six week old, baby Liam is being dubbed a “miracle baby” after his parents were told he was dying in utero and they should abort him.

Liam’s parents, Marinda Brits and Norman Holleman, were told that the routine mid-pregnancy anatomy scan showed low amniotic fluid around the baby.  Doctors told them the baby was dying and that an abortion would need to be arranged.

But the couple refused the abortion.

“We knew our baby was fighting for his life and we were going to fight with him,” related Holleman.

A visit to the Woman’s Assessment Unit at Auckland City Hospital a day later brought a small glimmer of hope.  During a consultation there they were told that it is possible for a baby to be born with little fluid, although the risk of the brain, lungs and kidneys not developing properly was high.

An amnio infusion of 600 miltres of saline was given at 23 weeks, allowing doctors to see if there was a leakage or further complications.

At 24 weeks a further scan showed that Liam’s kidneys were not developing correctly.  Brits and Holleman were told that it was likely he would die soon after birth.

Then, the news that Liam’s parents had hoped for came.  A scan on New Year’s Eve revealed properly functioning kidneys.  They were told to go home and prepare for the birth of a healthy baby.

Baby Liam has four siblings and shares his birthdate with his two-year-old brother Jayden.

“Everyone says their baby is a miracle but Liam really is ours,” says the proud father.


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