Paris and the Pill



As authorities sift through the rubble and bodies in Paris, many questions which need to be asked directly involving the attacks are being asked. But some questions are not being asked.

For example, is there something wrong with the thinking and actions, the attitudes ,on the part of western societies that might have contributed to this horror? This is not a “blame us” examination which the progressive elitist crowd always seems to trot out — you know, the “It’s our fault in the West because we have done such horrible things in the Middle East and should feel guilty” mindset, the logic there being: “We did it to ourselves because of our greed” — the same stuff that came flying out of the mouths of crazy liberals in America in the aftermath of 9-11, and like the idiotic liberal publication Salon did over the weekend. Typical.

No. This report is definitely not of that variety. But something does seriously have to be looked at regarding how Western societies live. Many of these types of killers come into Western nations, cross the borders, as part of a kind of open-door policy because Western nations need to shore up their flagging numbers. Their numbers are flagging because of low birth rates due to the widespread acceptance of contraception and abortion.

The same thing is happening here in the United States and still happens today. Sixty million Americans are not here today because the culture approved of their murders in the womb — many of them because the contraception failed. Who knows how many more tens of millions are not here because the contraception worked? A shrinking population — as is the case with various nations in Europe — actual declining numbers, as in, for example, next year there will be fewer Italians on the planet born in Italy then this year. Same in Greece and France and Spain and Portugal and Germany.

Shrinking populations like that mean governments have to step in and do something before the economic chaos sets in. Many of them have. Various European countries, led by Germany, are growing more desperate about the soon-to-be-felt fallout from their aging and shrinking native populations. So they have instituted a variety of laws actually paying for women and/or families to have children in the form of cash payouts, tax rebates and so forth. Part of their bag of tricks has also been to open up the borders and liberalize their immigration policies in an effort to stem the demographic winter so closely approaching.

France, for example, now boasts the largest Muslim population in all of Europe, and 20 percent of immigrants to the country each year come from countries with predominant Muslim populations. Germany, too, sees indications that pockets of Muslim immigrants — or the sons of Muslim immigrants, who, like in France, have not assimilated — also pose a threat to peace and security.

Regardless of the reasons of these increased numbers of violent scenes in London, Madrid, Paris, Germany and threats in Rome, immigration policies cannot be discounted as a precipitating factor. And the immigration policies were put in place because the Pill had become accepted. In the rush to have no restrictions on sexual license and no consequence for unintended pregnancies, Western societies forgot that there are consequences for unbridled sexual liaisons, particularly on such a huge scale as the cultures accepted and practiced it.

A wise old seminary professor once said something I’ve never forgotten. Monsignor William Smith — God rest his soul — of St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York once said, “God is forgiving, but nature isn’t.” The West happily accepted and advanced contraception and child murder as standard and has become awash, drowning in sexual immorality. This has resulted in a precipitous decline of the population and a now-dire threat to economic stability. To shore themselves up and avert such a demographic and economic disaster, these nations have thrown open their borders and invited in immigrants, some of whom are rightfully disgusted and repulsed by the sexual liberty that rules the day. Many of these immigrants directly or indirectly — and as we see, it doesn’t take many — feel perfectly fine about killing at will and creating mayhem in a culture they have no intention of assimilating into — quite the opposite; they are spurred on by terrorists in their ranks who inspire them to remain outside the culture of the Great Satan and overrun from within, by whatever means works the best — including mass homicide.

Anyone who thinks this kind of evil is going to lessen doesn’t understand the world situation. Christ will reign on the earth, either by His presence shown forth by His peace, or by His absence shown forth in chaos. Until the world comes to embrace God and bow under His mighty and loving hand and live by His decrees, men will continue to think that they have all the answers and can solve every problem — and the folly of man will be clear for all to see.

Let us pray for not only the souls of the dead in Paris, but most especially for the souls of nations and peoples everywhere. There is no peace without God — and God cannot co-exist with sin enshrined as law.

It is God’s law or man’s law. Just as in eternity there is no middle ground, so in the lead-up to eternity on this earth, there is no middle ground.


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