Pill associated with increase risk of prostate cancer. Water supply could be contaminated with estrogen chemicals.

by One More Soul Staff


Researchers from Canada have found an association between the pill and prostate cancer. The principal investigator Dr. David Mergel is a urologist and fellow in uro-oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. Dr. Margel and his colleague Dr. Neil Fleshner analyzed the pill use and the incidence of prostate cancer on 87 countries. They found a positive association between the pill and prostate cancer. Condoms, Intra Uterine Devices (IUDs) and vaginal barriers were also included in the analysis. These other types of contraception did not have the association with prostate cancer.

To explain the association between the pill and prostate cancer, the researches suggested that women on the pill excrete estrogen in their urine, which then finds its way into the water supply, where the estrogen is ultimately ingested by men.

The impact of estrogen and estrogen like substances in the environment has been analyzed recently by researchers from the National Fish Health Research Laboratory in West Virginia, a branch of the US Geological Survey (usgs.gov). USGS is an agency that studies hazards that threatens the environment. They found correlation between the higher the levels of estrogen in the Potomac river basin and the higher prevalence and severity of Testicular Oocytes in the Male Smallmouth Bass. “Oocytes” is a scientific word for the female cell of reproduction. In other words, the male Bass testicular tissue has been feminized. This last study provides some evidence that validates the hypothesis of the previous Canadian study.

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